By Giacomo B Fischiatore


When Climate Crisis gets steadily worse,

Habitable land will drastically reduce,

Mega mass migrations they will occur,

Buying scarce land by wealthy it will spur,

Each scared fleeing man flocks like bird,

As big corps & wealthy reduce the herd.


Survival of Fittest is what it’s called

Hearing this we were appalled

Stealth & wealth found high on list

Poor or disable must fear fascist

Skin color lowers one’s odds

& Nazis don’t allow your Gods

Freedom & equality is lacking

When their money is stacking

_____________________________________ 2/5

It’s time now to look in their eyes

No sleep if great grandchild cries

Her future it won’t be so great

Effects of greed & evil is her fate

Our Earth it is rapidly heating

Advent of Autocracy is meeting

White male Christians decide

Who lives & dies in this ride

_____________________________________ 3/5

The scary life of war and extinction

Too young to make that distinction

Big Pharma welcome Pandemic

WHO gets covid cure is academic

Tentacles of covid is rampant virus

Population reduction is a RICH plus

Many who die are poor urbanites

Some eating little & having no lights

_____________________________________ 4/5

Death upon US others content

Republicans proved negligent

Anti vaxxers no risk pretend

No mask message they send

GOP Governors condone spread

Hospitals overflow with the dead

Root of evil is greed and power

Failed their oath makes US sour

_____________________________________ 5/5

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