“Twenty Ought Twenty-Two”, By: Biding M Thyme

“Twenty Ought Twenty-Two”, By: Biding M Thyme



Pgs 04-08: Common Good, Common Sense, People/Earth Friendly democratic PRINCIPLES:

Pgs 12-17: Jan 6 DJT GOP MAGA Riot/Insurrection/Attempted Coup (Also see related GOP States Voting Rights Plundering Constitutional Violations):

Pgs 17-25: GOP CONFEDERATE States Plundering Voting Rights & Biasing Electors, which is CONSTITUTIONAL/FEDERAL VIOLATION (Also see related Jan 6 Riot/Insurrection):

Pgs 25-26: GOP GUN MADNESS Part of Bannon Plan to Arm GOP Shock Troops:

Pgs 26-26: DJT GOP MAGAts on Path to Destroy US Democracy and Replace with Autocracy:


Pgs 27-34: UGLINESS OF Republican Party & Their UGLY PRINCIPLES:

Pgs 34-35: UGLY GOP Governors, esp. Florida, Texas & Georgia:



Pgs 36-37: FaceBook:

Pgs 37-38: US Domination by Big Corps/Ultra-Wealthy, including MEGA Entertainment/News Corps: (also GOP FOX Propaganda Machine)

Pgs 38-39: DJT-GOP & Putin/Russia Christian Evangelical Partnership:

Pgs 39-42: Besides Addressing CLIMATE CHANGE, Must also Stop Leaky CRIMe Plants:

Pgs 40-42: Giacomo’s a POET, he just don’t KNOW IT:


NOTE: Also see on UglyGOP.com Blog entitled: “Expect Voting Rights Plundering in GOP Controlled States to Result in Marshall Law Declaration by POTUS and U.S. Military Oversight of Federal Elections in 2022”



Dear DOJ/AG, correct US if we are wrong, but it appears if a person is DJT GOP affiliated, they get away with everything!

Also, if you’re rich or closely affiliated with large corporations, you can lie, cheat, plunder and break the law hundreds of times and you’ll be untouchable from US Justice system.

DAMN HARD to think everything’s going to work out right now? I mean WHO’S BEEN ARRESTED, TRIED & PUT IN JAIL & NOT PARDONED besides Mike Cohen? DeJoy’s still there, Mueller Report was dud and no obstruction of justice charges ever filed against DJT, 2 DJT Impeachment acquittals, Jan 6 DJT GOP MAGA Capitol Riot and no charges against DJT and his CRONY CROOKS who orchestrated this COUP attempt, GOP states rigging voting & electors..WE’RE F’CKED!


Bannon is now toying with the Congress Jan 6 Committee by defying subpoena and refusing to testify. Rarely are individuals JAILED for this offense (max one yr), and if he’s officially held in Contempt of Congress, this process could take a year or more before he is fined and LOCKED UP!


Everyone knows Merrick Garland’s lifetime goal is to be a SCOTUS judge and it seems he simply doesn’t want to offend anyone right now, and he is just preparing huge SCOTUS briefs on every case instead of getting the indictments prepared and issued to get the prosecutorial process started, so we aren’t holding our breath on him bringing down the DJT GOP hierarchy who were involved with planning and inciting the Jan 6 Capitol Insurrection/Coup Attempt, which was not a MAGA tourist event, but was a brutal attack on our government institution and Constitution and was a TREASONOUS ACT committed by US TRAITORS and should be treated as such, with maximum penalties levied against the violators..

Tell me has any of the DJT GOP law breakers (family, public officials, cronies etc) been punished besides Mike Cohen? It seems like all have been pardoned or the courts or AG/prosecutors have given them a pass? We live in lawless society for everyone except common man.

What makes outlook GRIM to Dems on the likely 2022-24 success of DJT GOP MAGA: Elected officials who are suppose to protect US seem to have primary goal of being re-elected, so just like AG/DOJ, they’re all treading very lightly because they don’t want to offend anyone and directly face and deal with this major Constitutional Crisis head on in the harshest most appropriate way allowed by law for this most egregious attack attach our core foundation that came within minutes of bringing down our government if in fact VP Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would have been murdered as intended.

Well I know we are supposed to understand that the attorneys have to be extra nice and collegial to each other and take care of your fellow colleagues, since like the conveyor belt for elected public officials, you all shift back and forth from one side to the other (government inside or external attorney), and you don’t want to rule out being a partner in a national law firm with all the perks that go with that. BUT NOW IF YOU COULD JUST PUT THAT ASIDE FOR A BRIEF MOMENT IN HISTORY, AND TAKE CARE of US and put DAMN Trump/family/cronies ALL IN JAIL!

Beginning early in Trump’s POTUS term in 2017, GOP Special Prosecutor Mueller had his chance and he treaded lightly also similar to AG Garland today (e.g., no DJT direct testimony, no immediate request for DJT financials, and no definitive recommendations & conclusions which AG Barr pounced on for DJT’s behalf). Please explain to US, why are US AGs & prosecutors so Mealy Mouth & Standoffish regarding GOP political law breakers? And WHY won’t the US AG/DOJ go after the DJT GOP Congressional subpoena defiers?  Well, maybe the reason is that attorneys have to make a living, and they know someday they might be nominated for judgeship or will become a lobbyist, or be on the other side of table with a big prestigious DC law firm, so they play [all] both sides of the table.

Attorneys General and prosecutors have to realize like the rest of US, that there are CONSEQUENCES GOOD/BAD for your ACTIONS/INACTIONS, and we all realize close calls can always go either way, but if no actions are taken (such as against Trump and family and CRONY CROOKS), they will repeat their law breaking and it will only get worse as time goes on, and eventually they may very well succeed with their ultimate goal of overtaking the federal government and molding it into the GOP autocracy they desire, which they view as the only viable alternative for them at present time to remain in power due to shift in demographics, which has made  GOP WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants, including Catholics too) the minority as the majority in the US is more and more the combination of liberal/feminist women, urbanites and POCs who typically all vote Democratic.  We as US citizens can only hope and pray that the DOJ holds political law breakers accountable in accordance with the law of the land and our Constitution, and provide backing to Congress on such actions they may vote on regarding egregious Constitutional/federal violations being committed by state GOP public officials who have enacted federally illegal Voting Rights Plundering laws and elector biasing procedures which favor the dominant GOP party in their states.

Citizens must not get complacent, but rather, must keep the pressure on Congress and the law enforcement agencies to indict and prosecute criminal behavior by state public officials trying to illegally influence the outcome of the federal elections, and the likely solution besides federal prosecution, will be the administering of the federal elections by the Biden administration using US Military/Armed Forces and other federal administration personnel. The whole point being, to assure that a fair election process is conducted so all citizens will afforded the equal opportunity to cast a vote as they are entitled to by the Constitution on or before Election Day.

Even if people are shunned by our (CGU’s) outspokenness, please join US in equal fashion, and don’t hold back and be shy about it, and never plan on letting up because our collective RESISTANCE to DJT GOP must remain strong and constant until Orangutan Clown is gone and MAGAtdom ceases to exist. We don’t want Autocracy/Fascism, and that’s where DJT and his ilk are trying to take US.

Rightfully, many of US fear that DJT GOP are going to be in full power shortly (2022-24) as part of US New Autocracy (GOP/RNC: Greedy Oligarchic Proponents/New Republican Confederates) and many of US may end up on a list of enemies to the new US AUTOCRATIC GOVERNMENT and will be quickly prosecuted, sentenced and JAILED and shipped off to GITMO for EIT (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques)? We can’t be cowards and we must believe that “RIGHT” (not in the sense of conservative Right) WILL PREVAIL OVER “WRONG”, and WE MUST INSIST THAT OUR LEADERS (Biden, Congress, DOJ/AG, etc) move in the RIGHT DIRECTION. We must BE TRUTHFUL TO OURSELVES, AND ACCEPT THAT WE ARE DEALING WITH THE ENEMIES WITHIN (GOP Confederates).

CommonGoodUnited’s PRINCIPLES are SIMPLE but OFTEN IGNORED by selfish politicians:

ORCHESTRATE with ALLIES from NEAR & AFAR to BETTER the COMMON GOOD of HUMANITY & PLANET by PROTECTING ENVIRONMENT, WELLBEING & HEALTH/SAFETY of PUBLIC, by system of GOVERNMENT OF, BY & FOR PEOPLE (NOT BY Corps/Ultra-Wealthy) AND STOP Leaky CRIMe Plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments). In other words, we believe in the care and mutual respect of our fellow man and the planet we occupy for our short time of existence in this universe, while at the same time doing it in a sustaining manner to support future generations with a habitable existence on Earth equal or better than prior inhabitants.

CommonGoodUnited (CGU) and it Divisions:

CommonGoodUnited.com (Inc, and parent org), AKA: CGU




YouREAPwhatYouSow.org (Reality Environmental Action Proponents)

To help understanding the GOOD, one must examine what is BAD & UGLY (the Good, Bad and the Ugly). To assist with that task, CommonGoodUnited also has a web page called UglyGOP.com. For further information, see:

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-CONGRESS & POTUS Hold GOP Insurrectionist states ACCOUNTABLE

-OCT 2021 Twitter Summary on Jan 6 Riot Investigation & GOP States’ Voting Rights Plundering
-GOP HRP (Herd Reduction Plan, poem)

There’s no denying the fact that one party (Democrats/Liberals) are for betterment of the Common Good of Humanity & Planet, while the other party (Republicans/GOP), ARE NOT!


CommonGoodUnited is in favor of the GOOD guys (Dems) right now, because they’re trying awfully hard to beat of the BAD/UGLY GOPers, and do some good things for the Common Good of Humanity and Planet. Although Dems are a lot better than Republicans in thousands of ways, Citizens still have to get after Dem public elected/appointed officials who are turning a blind eye and deaf ear to lawbreaking occurring in their jurisdictions, such as the half-century long occurrence of Leaky CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Mfg establishments) that have insidiously been polluting the land and water in our communities, including highly treasured public drinking water sources (e.g., Great Lakes).


CommonGoodUnited, is a charitable nonprofit organization, devoted to (among other things) preserving the US democratic republic and returning it to a GOVERNMENT OF, BY & FOR the PEOPLE, and NOT a government devoted to serving Big Corps & Ultra-Wealthy as it stands right now with the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.

WE ARE RESISTERS and ANTI-FASCISTS! We are not associated with Antifa, if in fact, such an organization exists; if however, it is just a concept, we do then support the cause to prevent fascism, such as in Italy in pre-WW2 era, from developing in the US. We are simply US Citizens & members of Human Race advocating for Common Good of Humanity & Planet and WE oppose UGLY DJT GOP MAGAts who are obviously on strategic path to destroy US democracy & replace it with Autocratic Government, or perhaps a government like Russia, which is an oligarchic autocracy (kleptocracy – autocratic government that manipulates populous into thinking they have a democracy, when in fact, they have a defacto autocracy run by a group of ultra-wealthy oligarchs).

President Biden & Vice President Harris (Executive branch), along with House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, are collectively fine examples of what elected public official must do: Protect Environment, Wellbeing & Health and Safety of Public. Together they are advancing President Biden’s Build Back Better Initiative, which is designed to Protect, Preserve and Enhance the quality of life for US citizenry and our environment, and the planet as a whole in a joint effort with other nations, while also protecting the Health & Safety/Security of the Public. In contrast, the stupid negligent Republicans in US have made our PANDEMIC response horrible, starting w/Trump! Vastly improved w/Biden, but GOP states all horrible.

Understand CommonGoodUnited (CGU) is not part of Dem Party, but DNC’s a party that more closely aligns to CGU’s mission/vision statement, and has winnable candidates and a favored political party platform. Co-founders of CGU have consistently voted for Dem Party in their lifetimes in the current US dominated two-party system. Even though CGU presently favors Dem Party in current two-party dominated system, we also advocate that Dem Party employ a continuous improvement program, continually diversifying and broadening appeal and participation (as elected public officials) of wide demographics in political process, especially for younger generations, who will bear the brunt of the fallout caused by the engrained misgivings of current & past generations.

Our expectations now cannot be that our government and economic system change drastically, but we also recognize we are at a breaking point whereby the forces of income inequality driven by the Big Corporations and the Ultra-Wealthy are creating major deficits in the Common Good of Humanity and our Planet. If the leaders we elect are solely driven by the lust for Greed and Power in a selfish manner for themselves, their family, cronies and social class, while disregarding the Common Good of Humanity & Planet, we will truly be doomed. It’s no secret that a feeding trough/conveyor belt exists for public officials (both parties) in combination with big corporations, government service & product providers & lobbyists, who maximize income & profits individually and for corporations and shareholders, and who routinely exchange positions as years go by while they prosper, as the rest of US struggle to meet the basic needs for ourselves and our families.

Republicans routinely knock liberals/progressives/Democrats who are forward/advanced/peaceful advocates and thinkers, while GOP tend to be regressive/backward/destructive in their thinking and actions, typically deny past wrongs, and repeat bad times/behavior in history & ignore the lessons learned from the past and always start new wars in favor of feeding the military industrial complex, rather than forestalling offensive behavior instead of negotiating peaceful settlements to prevent the onset of war.

We now face the Existential Threat of Climate Change/Climate Crisis which is a HUGE THREAT to Humanity and our Planet Earth. The younger generations in the world are starting to recognize this and have begun to speak up because they know that their future is mostly destined and in the hands (primarily) of a bunch of old white selfish WASPs who only care about Greed, Power and Guns, and this bunch absolutely doesn’t believe in good science, so it’s impossible to reason with them. And even if they partly believe it, they are banking on the success of the GOP HHRP (Human Herd Reduction Plan – populous reduced by Climate Crisis and Pandemics like covid19) and their confidence that they will dominate the Earth in Darwinian fashion and populate the scarce habitable land left on the Earth, while the Herd suffers due to lack of water/food/shelter etc, and diminishes in population, while at the same time million of living species on our planet become extinct. The Oligarchs and Ultra-Wealthy also have in mind that they may hop on a rocket in near future and live in outer space leaving US all behind, while those with all the wealth keep searching for another habitable planet. So some may say this is farfetched, and that’s exactly what they want you to continue to believe. And remember GOP Principle Number 20: Another human’s hardship is another human’s (GOPer’s) financial bonanza! The GOP will gladly make trillions of dollars off of all the hardships of billions of people! They love that the polar regions are all melting, and the glaciers are all receding and drying up, because it opens up the northern seaways (DJT’s Puppeteer, Putin/Russia loves this) so they can more readily explore those areas to discover more fossil fuels and other natural resources they can exploit for their financial gain, regardless if it further compounds the Climate Crisis.

And the GOPers are doing everything they can to keep the PANDEMIC dragging on, such as discouraging people from getting vaccinated and wearing masks, as they invest in monoclonal antibodies treatment drugs, and half bake vaccines (50% effective) to peddle to under developed nations.

Fortunately, there are still people that exist that care about the Common Good of Humanity and the Planet. And now that the US rejoined with over a hundred other nations in the Climate Change Accord (after DJT-GOP dropped out), President Biden and a huge contingency of high level officials and administrators (including Secretary of State etc) from the Executive branch are attending and participating at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, in the United Kingdom. What we hope and pray is that these groups of international leaders fully accomplish something of substance, including Real Environmental Action Propositions (with deadlines and specific targeted verifiable measures of progress) that move forward and get implemented. CGU Division, YouREAPwhatYouSow.org, is very much behind a favorable and real outcome coming forth from this conference. REAP’s primary focus, has been, and will continue to be, the stopping (and prevention) of Leaky CRIMe Plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments), which have been contaminating and degrading the quality of our fresh water safe drinking water supply sources in the US (e.g., Great Lakes) for over a half a century, even though the US enacted RCRA Hazardous Waste Management laws & regulations in the mid-1980s, that are mostly being ignored by tens of thousands of these CRIMe plants across the US that are lacking adequate environmental safeguards because there is little or no environmental enforcement by states and federal government because they have let lobbyists and their attorneys bamboozle them into thinking these highly toxic/hazardous plants are exempt/excluded from these laws and regulations.

So what is needed utmost, is for publicly elected officials (and appointed) to live up to their oath of Protecting the Environment, Wellbeing and Health/Safety of the Public; and equally, citizens must hold these public officials accountable for doing their job as such, and if they fail, they should be removed from office. But in the support of the mission and goals of the UN Glasgow Climate Change Conference/Summit, we pray that this US group (& others) will meet in the true spirit of  PACATO (pacato.org, CGU division): Principled American Citizens & Allies, from near & afar, Together Orchestrating for the common good of humanity and the planet.

PACATO (Italian) means calm, tranquil, peaceful, placid, dignified, unflappable, unwavering & collective.

eg: “Sono un popolo ragionevole, pacato.”

= “They are a reasonable, calm people.”

In an extreme sense, PACATO could mean quiet, very soft spoken, sedate & passionless, which certainly doesn’t apply to the enormity of what has to be accomplished. Former President Barrack Obama has a calm demeanor (and deliberate), and to some extent, the same can be said about President Joe Biden.


The tranquility of the harmonic symbology and symphony will perhaps bring US together collectively for singular purpose now of the long-term survival of our species, which is especially important for our youth who have less control over their outcome than do their elders.


HISTORY IS SO VITALLY NEEDED in OUR US SCHOOLS for a vast number of reasons, foremost of which, is that new generations know of our struggles of the past, including the many bumpy roads we traveled on through the course of time, involving numerous conflicts and bloody battles, and resolutions thereof, that has brought US to our present day. Examples of important history lessons include: Authentic Native American History,  Critical Race Theory (CRT), and history of WW2 in full detail regarding how Hitler’s & Mussolini’s Nazism & Fascism took root in their nations, which culminated in massive destruction of property and the death of 75 million people, including the horrendous genocidal Jewish Holocaust. 

History is intended, and must be written in a manner that is factual to the greatest extent possible with recorded documents and testimony, and cannot be fabricated to paint a rosy picture, if in fact, extreme hardships, death & destruction, violation of human rights and lives, and other atrocities occurred. As an example, most everyone in the US has the understanding how the Great Columbus discovered America, but there really is a lot to that story that most US citizens don’t know about. Without getting into every detail of what happened good or bad in this trans Atlantic voyage and discovery, it was recently reported that Columbus may not have been the greatest oceanographic navigator, because records say as he departed for Asia from Spain on 8/3/1492 with the three ships, Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria, he mistakenly steered his fleet in a completely diagonally wrong direction. Following that major error in navigation, the fleet had its first landfall on 10/12/1492 at what is known today as the Bahamas, after which they next arrived at Cuba, which Columbus mistakened for China. Then two months later he reached the US shore and mistakened it for Japan.


We are not opposed to the entrepreneurship spirit that drives individuals and entities to excel and to be compensated substantially for their ingenuity, hard work and drive to excel, but there has to be more of a middle ground than what we currently have, which is heavily dominated by Big Corporations (some monopolies) and Ultra-Wealthy and their overwhelming network of lobbyists, super PACS, and foreign intervening financial and high tech support. A system consisting of impoverished people struggling to meet basic human rights/needs, alongside the wealthy class (say top 10%), who are coddled by the Big Corps and Ultra-Wealthy, makes up a system that is destined to fail miserably in the long-term for all concerned. The Ultra-Wealthy and the Big Corps’ leadership are not going to be able to live exclusively on this planet by themselves, nor are they going to be able in the near future to climb onboard a spaceship and escape this Earthly existence. There is a lot of people on this planet (almost 8 billion), and the Ultra-Wealthy cannot just kill US all off and move to prime sustaining real estate or outer space, they’re going to have to concede to a reasonable degree, and make a significant adjustment to the curve that has seen wages and quality of life spiraling downward for populous, while the incomes and net worth of the Big Corps & Ultra-Wealthy (including share holders) has logarithmically SKYROCKETED!

From the beginning of the Ronald Reagan era and on it was clear that the GOP was on a societal evolutionary downward spiral of feeding the rich and starving and increasing the poor as the once stable middle class were moving downward economically in financial wealth and quality of life. It doesn’t take a genius to examine what’s happened since beginning of Reagan era, onward to present day. One only has to see what’s happened to our family and friends who were once thriving middle class citizens with a bright future for their children and grandchildren, now seeing little hope for their prosperity and quality of life in the coming years. The US economy doesn’t have to change to SOCIALISM, but the US does not want an oligarchic type autocracy that currently exists in Russia, which seems to be the path we are on with DJT-GOP, who collectively, appear to be apprentices for Vladimir Putin during the proposed conversion of the US government to an autocracy/klepocracy. This GOP strategy could very well come to fruition, if the GOP regains Congressional control in 2022 (so called “Advent of Autocracy”), which will likely lead to full GOP control of ALL BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT in 2024, including Executive (President), Legislative (House & Senate) and Judicial (Supreme Court, which GOP already has).

Like renowned Russian author, Yelzheznetsen is quoted as saying, “Russian citizenry are so brilliant. If they just could rid themselves of Oligarchic dictators (plural) and have a democratic government…” That is, Russians thirst for a government of, by & for the PEOPLE, which we in the US are on the verge of losing even further since LARGE CORPORATIONS & the Ultra-RICH have replaced PEOPLE in accordance with Citizens United, Supreme Court ruling, whereby it declared that corporations were considered people (SCOTUS granted corporations “personhood”).

This Supreme Court ruling has been very damaging to the foundation of our US democratic republic, which requires that Democratic Party nominate and appoint more liberal democratic thinking judges to the court. In the meantime, with the highly conservative makeup of the Supreme Court (6 conservatives, 3 liberals), “PEOPLE” will be “taking the back seat” to Big Corporations unfortunately for decades given the ages of current judges unless somehow in the future the court can be expanded or term limits are imposed on judgeships.

Given that the Democratic Party is in control of Executive branch and has majorities in both the House and Senate, if there was 100% party loyalty, the current multiple critical problems the US government is facing could be resolved. Granted, there is only a slim margin in the Senate (51-50 with VP Harris presiding); however Senate Democratic majority leadership (Chuck Schumer) is facing dissent by the two senators, WV Manchin & AZ Sinema, who, for all practical purposes, are functioning as GOP Operatives. Besides getting passage of the Biden Build Back Better $3.5T Initiative Reconciliation bill (to combat Climate Change + more), other vital bills that need to be passed include the federal Voting Rights Act. All of this and more could be passed if there wasn’t strong opposition by highly aligned GOP senators who have Manchin and Sinema in their pockets, who together are negotiating and gutting many important provisions in the BBB Initiative, and to make matters worse, GOP Operatives Manchin & Sinema are opposed to eliminating or modifying the filibuster (not part of the Constitution), to increase the possibility of passage of various Democratic proposed legislation by majority vote, rather than the 60% super majority vote required because bills can be blocked by GOP filibuster.

So given the aforementioned GOP and Manchin/Sinema obstruction tactics in the Senate, what are the critical bills that really need to be passed in a timely manner. Since the GOP desired $1.0T Infrastructure bill (mostly transportation improvements) is being tied together in some fashion by the House progressive caucus, the GOP & their two Operatives have been reluctantly negotiating on the giant BBB bill, and are watering it down considerably by deleting many of the quality of life and Climate Change provisions in this bill, including deletion of child care, dental insurance plan coverage, community college tuition, etc. It appears that the BBB legislation bill will pass soon well under the $3.5T package, and the $1.0 Infrastructure bill will follow suit. Aside from those two bills, WHAT IS ABSOLUTELY VITALLY IMPORTANT, is the passage of a comprehensive federal Voting Rights bill that will standardize administration of federal elections for all states, and will nullify many, if not all, of the GOP Voting Rights Plundering laws that have passed in closed to 20 GOP states in past several months, which are plainly Constitutional (14th & 15th Amendments)/federal VIOLATIONS. So passing a federal voting rights act would be a sensible way of resolving this issue, but again, GOP senators and their two Operatives are opposed to it because they say that states have this wide latitude to pass Voting Rights Plundering laws and elector biasing procedures to administer the federal elections in their states as they see fit, which includes suppressing and purging votes from targeted demographic voters, mostly urbanites and POC. The latter should not, and must not BE ALLOWED TO OCCUR, because the Democratic Party currently has the essential government controls in its grasp (POTUS, House, Military, DOJ/AG), and a Constitutionally/Federally violating Confederate GOP (i.e., GOP controlled states) should, and must be acted upon, by CASTING VOTES IN BOTH CHAMBERS calling out the Constitutional Violations of GOP state officials, and whether that majority vote passes or fails, the intervention of CiC Biden & Military to administer the federal elections in those states needs to occur for the 2022 federal elections (and 2024 elections also if this problem goes uncorrected).

Obviously, we wouldn’t be in this situation if we didn’t have Democratic Senators (WV Manchin & AZ Sinema) who are defacto GOP OPERATIVES, which is totally unforgivable, and needs to be addressed full throated by the DNC. It’s like Manchin/Sinema are forcing CiC Biden’s hand – i.e., if they’re against comprehensive voting rights act, won’t support end to filibuster, GOP states are plundering voting rights & biasing electors, GOP’s spooking voters on legitimacy of the election process, and DJT’s CRONY CROOKS (Bannon etc) are getting the Shock Troops lined up and ready; so therefore, that leaves CiC Biden no other choice other than acting per his OATH to uphold the Constitution and PROTECT the SAFETY/SECURITY of the CITIZENRY.

IT REALLY IS NOW OR NEVER for the DEMOCRATS while they still have some resemblance of power in our federal government. Democrats are just SIMPLY RUNNING OUT OF CARDS TO PLAY, and their opponent, DJT-GOP & CRONY CROOKS, are pulling out all the stops and employing what they are best at, which is LAWBREAKING AND CHEATING the system. And this isn’t something the GOP pulled together at the last minute; they have been working on this GRAND MASTERFUL ADVENT TO AUTOCRACY PLAN for some time. Stacked in their deck, besides two Dem GOP Operatives, are the luxury of having two senators per state in sparsely populated ultraconservative areas in the US giving that population disproportionately high GOP Senate power, and GOP controls a majority of the state legislatures which enables them to craftfully gerrymander the hell out of districts in fashion to favor GOP, plus the 2020 census gave them more congressional House seats, with the latter couple of items giving more sway to the GOP in the Electoral College, which could allow them to win the presidency, even though they may lose the popular vote by a huge margin (e.g., Biden barely won presidency in 2020 with popular vote of 81M to 74M).

It probably won’t doing any good because Manchin & Sinema have been essentially bought off by Big Corps and Super PACs (they both have huge conflicts of interest because of their & their family member’s financial holdings), but it would behoove the Dems in West Virginia, Arizona and entire nation to call for a PETITION/VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE on these two traitorous Democrats!

There just has to be a PRICE TO PAY for both senators CINEMA Sinema and Machiavellian Manchin, and more than likely, they will be rewarded handsomely by Republican now and in the future when they more than likely will leave Democratic Party and join the GOP. We do not wish them or their families well. West Virginia and Arizona voters need to better assess what good these two public officials have truly done for them while in office. We all know how poorly ranked West Virginia is in many aspects (education, poverty, healthcare etc.), and Manchin has done little or nothing to improve the low ranking of WV for the betterment of his constituents. The same can be said for Sinema for the many struggling senior citizens in her state. Kentucky is another state that has deplorable rankings generally on quality of life etc, similar to West Virginia, and neither of the two GOP Kentucky Senator (Rand Paul & Mitch McConnell) have done anything of any substance to change Kentucky’s low rankings.


Senators Manchin/Sinema are GREEDY/SELFISH SOMs (Sons of Mitch’s) and are PURE Republican Operatives. If they continue OBSTRUCTING Biden’s/Dems’ legislation they must pay dearly politically in the short- and long-term, on state/regional/national level by DNC, Dem PACs, NPOs, public/private, business/professional  associations AND especially VOTERS. VOTERS must BE ON THEIR ASSES & FOLLOW THEM 24/7.

Spells RATTS:

Release your ENEMA
Along with SINEMA
Then Reload Again

Spells & Smells of RATTS

What drives West Virginia Senator Machiavellian Manchin: 

He earns $500K per year on the Coal stocks he owns, and he receives huge campaign donations through Lobbyists for the Energy Industry, including from Exxon and other Oil & Gas Titans, and he serves on an Energy Board in his state that regulates the aforementioned; and to top it off, his daughter Heather Bresch is tightly connected to Big Pharma, and she recently made huge gains on her holdings in a major EpiPen Price Inflation Scandal.

What drives Arizona Senator CINEMA Sinema:

She’s in tight with Big Pharma and the Financial industry, and raked in huge donations from those two vulturous industries totaling $1.1M is just the last three months.

There are CONSEQUENCES GOOD/BAD for our ACTIONS/INACTIONS, and Obstructionists Senators Manchin & Sinema along with their allied GOP senators must be made to pay a price for their publically irresponsible actions/inactions. This consequential fact of life just as well applies to the Dem public officials, including the Biden/Harris Team and Congressional members. For them, and for US as participants in the political process, we must all be cognoscente that there can be close calls on our actions/inactions which can go either way on good or bad consequences depending on substance and timing, so stop & think & pray & ask God to give strength and fortitude to those public officials we depend on for our wellbeing, and be vocal (through social media, etc) and let your public representatives know that you WANT THEM TO ACT IN A TIMELY MANNER TO PROTECT & PRESERVE our US democratic republic, and TO PREVENT the ADVENT OF GOP AUTOCRACY.

WE MUST NOT BE AFRAID TO BE OUTSPOKEN on this matter because THERE IS SO MUCH AT STAKE! DON’T EVER LET UP, because the DJT GOP MAGAts and SHOCK TROOPS are strategizing and organizing as we speak, and THEIR INTENTIONS ARE NOT GOOD. The RESISTANCE MUST BE STRONG AND REMAIN STRONG and we need to EXPAND IN NUMBERS and GEOGRAPHICAL AREAS OF INFLUENCE. Keep in mind, 70% of the Nation’s Gross National Product (GNP) comes from Democratic Majority Counties; and therefore, these VIBRANT MOSTLY URBANIZED AREAS are the ECONOMIC BACKBONE OF THE NATION. ABOVE ALL, DON’T BE COMPLACENT and think that this WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO US, because that is exactly what happened in Germany and Italy during the pre-World War 2 era in the 1930s when the indoctrination of Nazism and Fascism took root, and the autocratic destructive and brutal regimes under dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were formed, resulting in massive destruction of multiple nations and 75 million deaths.

PLEASE DON’T THINK THAT THE USA IS SO GREAT THAT THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO US. The US is a POWDER KEG right now; for example, WE ARE THE WORST ranked developed nation on GUN CONTROL. And now, our ELECTION SYSTEM is falsely being portrayed to the general public by GOP and their CRONY CROOKS  (FOX News etc) as being unreliable and inaccurate, even though hundreds of audits have been performed nation-wide on the 2020 general election proving the final election counts were valid and accurate. The latter is feeding the drive for public support of the voting rights plundering laws and elector biasing passed in GOP controlled states! It’s sad that it’s come to this, but our only hope right now (unless GOP senators come to their senses and pass comprehensive voting rights act) is for Commander in Chief (CiC) Biden to issue an Emergency Executive Order to have the Military and his Admin personnel take over the administration of federal elections in 2022 (perhaps 2024 also, as needed) or else Civil War 2 will likely breakout or if left unchecked, and GOP Autocracy will have arrived.

In summary, ABOVE ALL, PEOLE MUST RECOGNIZE THE SERIOUS SITUATION the US is in right now as our democracy & republic is under siege from DJT influenced GOP forces from within, which quite possibly could result in our federal government changing to a GOP-run autocracy, that likely will catapult US into our 2nd Civil War to prevent this outcome, or to reverse it after it has occurred. What makes outlook GRIM on likely 2022-24 success of DJT GOP MAGA: Elected officials who are suppose to protect US have primary goal of being re-elected, so just like AG/DOJ with future SCOTUS ambitions, they tread lightly because they don’t want to offend anyone

Remember, never lick a sharp knife; don’t spit or piss into the wind; and never vote Republican. UglyGOP.com.


Jan 6 DJT GOP MAGA Riot/Insurrection/Attempted Coup (Also see related GOP States Voting Rights Plundering Constitutional Violations):

After he rallied the GOP MAGAt Shock Troops beforehand in the Capitol Mall, Trump was watching Jan 6 Riot/Insurrection unfold live on TV, and once he knew his plan to kill Pence and Pelosi failed (Gallows & noose were ready), he started to call it off and do cleanup job.

The TRUTH about TREASONOUS TRAITOR TRUMP the TERRIBLE’S role in Jan 6 INSURRECTION ATTEMPTED COUP MUST BE OUTED! And he needs to be given the maximum penalty allowed by law!


After Trump’s “Stop the Steal” and “The Big Lie” rallies across the nation, followed by the Jan 6 DJT-GOP MAGA MOB Capitol Riot/Insurrection/Attempted Coup, we thought Trump and his GOP CRONY CROOKS would be gathered up and jailed, then came the 2nd Trump Impeachment Trial and AG Merrick Garland gets on board, and now time marches on…

Biden & Dems, please cut the cordiality, and please realize and face up to fact that 90+% of Congressional GOPers are NOT COMPATRIOTS, and they are on a fast track now in 2022-24 to achieve a GOP CONTROLLED US AUTOCRACY!

Now DJT GOP CRONY CROOKS are trying to claim Executive Immunity because they used to work for the BIG CROOK himself, Donald J Trump, for their involvement in planning, inciting, participating (and trying to cover up) in the Jan 6 Capitol Riot. it’s clear that the strategy all these Jan 6 Treasonous Traitor participants are following DJT MAGA MOB boss’s strategy of dragging this Jan 6 Congressional & DOJ investigation and subsequent prosecutions out to & past the ’22 elections, & it may work.

All of them should be held in contempt of Congress and given the MAXIMUM (fines & imprisonment)! Contempt of Congress is long dragged out process, and DJT, Bannon & other GOP MAGAt subpoena defiers must eventually get DRAGGED INTO JAIL! Congressional criminal contempt charges against Jan 6 Committee subpoena defiers like Bannon “is process that could take months, if not years, even if [DOJ] department decides to pursue charges. And such contempt cases are notoriously difficult to win”.


Some say Congress and DOJ NEED MORE EVIDENCE ON TRUMP & BANNON on Jan 6 Riot? But listen to what MAGA MOB Shock Troops Commander Bannon had to say on January 5 LOUD AND CLEAR FOR EVERYONE TO HEAR:

Bannon 1/5/21: “All hell’s going to break loose tomorrow. It’s all converging, and now we’re on point of attack tomorrow. All I can say is: Strap in. You have made this happen, and tomorrow it’s game day”


And on Jan 6 after the MAGA MOB Capitol Riot occurred, Trump complimented the Rioters by saying that they were “VERY SPECIAL” to him. If there was ever time to impose the maximum penalty for treason it is now following Jan 6 GOP DJT Coup/Capitol Riot (DJT: N-RIP, may he Not Rest in Peace). And we ask ourselves: WHY AREN’T BANNON & TRUMP IN JAIL AWAITING THEIR SENTENCES FOR TREASON (DEATH or 5 yrs minimum jail sentence)?

Perhaps POTUS & Congressional Dems have strategy, whereby Biden Admin & DOJ/AG tread softly on indicting any of various GOP DJT CRONY CROOK law breakers (Bannon etc) because they strategically don’t want DJT GOP MAGAt chaos to breakout too early because Emergency Executive Order CiC/Military intervention on administering ’22 fed elections is forthcoming? That is, maybe POTUS & high ranking Dems (Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Garland) are thinking don’t get ahead of the process and prosecute the DJT GOP CRONY CROOKS one after another, because it will rile up the MAGA MOBsters, and their commanders (Trump himself or via Bannon) may deploy their DJT GOP MAGAt Shock Troops of 20,000 to get into the ready mode to hit the streets and state capitols at various locations to begin nationwide chaos and boost their Shock Troops recruiting (kind of like the German Nazi Brown Shirts and Italian Fascist Black Shirts that worked for dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in the Pre-WW2 era in the 1930s).

If US Marshals are prepared, someone at DOJ must immediately give them orders so they can act and strategically roundup and arrest DJT CRONY CROOKS like BANNON & others? So Biden, Congress, DOJ/AG, GET ON WITH IT! AND START MAPPING THIS STRATEGY OUT EXACTLY, AND THEN PROCEED WITH EXECUTION; AND FOR GOD’s SAKE AG Merrick Garland don’t think you have to get bogged down preparing a massive legal brief, because when the Emergency Executive Order gets issued, the Military will be out in cities/counties/states administering the federal elections and maintaining order, and will have nothing to do with a BIG DELAY by courts, judges, or SCOTUS ruling, because even those godly figures will be hunkering down until the DJT-GOP CHAOS HAS BEEN QUELLED, and our US democratic republic has been saved! NEXT STEP IS TO ABOLISH the REPUBLICAN PARTY NOW AND FOREVER!

Those in DOJ who tread lightly and are complacent and fearful of using all the tools in our arsenal of justice enforcement against DJT GOP MAGAs could be the fore bearers of the downfall of our democracy & republic. Their cowardice behavior if continued will be unforgivable.

Bannon’s Executive Privilege “claim is potentially dubious since Bannon wasn’t a White House official in January 2021 and this claim does not appear to fall under traditional interpretations of executive privilege — a concept meant to secure confidentiality of official advice to a president.”

When time comes (likely fall ’22), CiC Biden & Military will have to take over administering federal elections that have already been unlawfully tampered with by Voting Rights Plundering laws & electors biasing in GOP controlled states. Read blog on this in UglyGOP.com for further details.



Even if people are shunned by the outspokenness here, don’t ever plan on letting up or putting down your guard, because the RESISTANCE to DJT GOP & his CRONY CROOKS must remain strong and constant until Donald J Trump and the many treasonous traitor GOPers are  gone and MAGAtdom ceases to exist. We don’t want Autocracy/Fascism/Nazism, Kleptocracy (Autocracy/Oligarchy like in Russia, whereby government is run by group of Ultra-Wealthy Oligarchs), and that’s where DJT and his CRONY CROOKS/GOP LOYALISTS are trying to take US.

Remember, never lick a sharp knife; don’t spit or piss into the wind; and never vote Republican. UglyGOP.com.


GOP CONFEDERATE States Plundering Voting Rights & Biasing Electors, which is CONSTITUTIONAL/FEDERAL VIOLATION (Also see related Jan 6 Riot/Insurrection):

Here’s problemo in nut shell: Male White WASPs don’t like that they’ve become minority, so they’re pulling out all stops, and By Hook or By Crook they’re Plundering Voting Rights and biasing electors in GOP states on their route to US GOP Autocracy.

And YES, taking away or artificially suppressing those rights is a Constitutional/federal violation, and Dems in Congress should vote to take action against those state GOP officials committing those offenses and Biden should issue Emergency Executive Order to administer federal elections in those states.

That is why it is so vitally important above all else, that Congress pass and effective Voting Rights Protection Act. Our democracy and lives depends on it, otherwise expect utter election chaos, which can only be avoided if CiC Biden & Military intervene and administer the federal elections in GOP states in ’22/’24 elections (perhaps for uniformity, it may have to be done in all of the states?) to protect our US Constitution and democratic republic.

Sadly, and pathetically, the current strategy of the GOP in GOP controlled states (i.e., with GOP Trifectas & Triplexes) is the passage of Voting Rights Plundering laws and the establishment of internal mechanisms in the state government and state legislature to artificially bias the electors in favor of the state’s dominant political party (GOP). This strategy is called “by hook or by crook (BHBC)”, which essentially means that the GOP has made it an unwritten policy to make sure the federal election outcome henceforth always favors the GOP through a system consisting of the plundering laws just mentioned, plus having a more sure fired way of having “all their ducks in a row” on what each GOP entity is supposed to do to assure an unquestionable GOP victory – i.e., By Hook or By Crook, the GOP Governor, GOP Secretary of State, GOP Attorney General, GOP leadership in the GOP controlled legislature all need to know what their marching orders are in terms of assuring that they have a majority of votes from members of their state Electoral College that will be certified and delivered to the US House of Representatives that clearly shows a margin of victory favoring the GOP candidate.

Without a doubt, this VOTING RIGHTS PLUNDERING & ELECTOR BIASING in GOP states is an absolute OUTRAGE and it is the most significant issue facing US, and the US Congress MUST ACT and CAST a vote/resolution against the state INSURRECTIONISTS for VIOLATING the 14th & 15th Amendments of the US CONSTITUTION, and CiC Biden & Military must administer the federal election in those states until the problem is rectified, either by the passage of an effective federal voting rights protection act, or these states clean up their act (and are monitored to assure compliance) by eliminating these unconstitutional/federal violations. 

Since state GOP officials have already taken DRASTIC steps described above to secure their GOP victory in federal elections (i.e., by state GOP Voting Rights Plundering laws and elector biasing system) to counteract demographic changes of last decade or so which has been in their disfavor, shouldn’t the Dems in Congress and the President now be seriously planning DRASTIC STEPS in return, such as a vote by Congress against the violating states, and the preparation and issuance of President Biden Emergency Executive Order that entails using the US Military forces to administer the federal elections (and activating Marshall Law as needed)?

WE the PEOPLE are facing our FINAL OPPORTUNITY to SAVE USA democratic republic from takeover by DJT GOP Autocracy which has expertly been molded over time for this ultimate goal. If CiC Biden with Armed Forces doesn’t intervene in ’22 to administer federal elections, WE’RE DONE/KAPUT/FINITO, and what comes next is the Advent of Autocracy, which most likely will include the GOP taking full control of Congress (House & Senate), and at that point the GOP would likely have total control of the federal elections in 2024, because they would have total control of two of the branches of government (Supreme Court and entire legislature).

Even if Biden issues an Emergency Executive and administers the federal elections in the GOP states, it is still possible that the GOP could win the majority in both the House and Senate, partly because, it is not too unusual for the opposing party to do well in mid-term elections against the party in power. But regardless, it is still vitally important that the voting rights are protected so for all concerned it can be argued that it was a fair and equal election without voting suppression/purging or elector biasing. The odds are very great that major chaos will erupt across the nation if the federal election is conducted and major voting rights violations occur in GOP controlled states and the electors are unduly influenced or forced to vote in favor of their party even though the vote tally does not back that up. And if Dems & Biden miss this opportunity and don’t act now before ’22 elections while they have command of Armed Forces, they may never have it again, and DJT GOP (& his ilk) led Autocracy may be taking over US for years & multiple decades to come.

Don’t like being cynical, but since they’re all (Biden, Schumer & Pelosi) on bipartisan gravy train, so will any of them want to take this significant action? Biden is in the best position because he has the authority to use his executive authority and utilize the Armed Forces who are under his command to enforce implementation of voting rights and fight off any interference that may arise from DJT MAGA Shock Troops or other affiliated opposition. So when that critical time comes in next year or two, will our President step forth as our great leaders of the past (e.g., Abraham Lincoln/Franklin D Roosevelt in  Civil War/WW2)? We can only hope and pray to God that President Biden will have determination, strength and fortitude to do what is right for US. God bless him and the USA and all of humanity.

BIGGEST QUESTION is: Will US Military (active & reserves) confront these DJT GOP MAGAts when they get their orders from CiC Biden and their military commanders? Hopefully, the administration of the ’22 and ’24 federal elections by US forces will go smoothly, depending on enemy infiltration that may already exist following all the military promotions and assignments that were made by Trump Admin in the military and other crucial divisions in the federal government, including intelligence agency, law enforcement, etc? Scary as it sounds, we may have to be a military state for a while until things get straightened out. The UGLY GOP got US into this situation, and they need to be moved aside while other true patriots straighten things out.

One of the first Tweets sent by CGU (CommonGoodUnited) included:

Civil War 2 coming w/state GOP Voting Rights Plunder laws on Nov 2022.
A) Blood will on Senate GOP hands when they vote down fed voting rights act;
B) Same for CiC Biden if next he doesn’t issue Emerg Exec Order using Military for admin of fed elections.


The whole idea here, is that the US Congress MUST formulate and pass an effective Voting Rights Protection, which should and must be looked at by the Congress as the MOST IMPORTANT MATTER that they are dealing with at the present time. The SURVIVAL OF OUR DEMOCRACY depends on it, otherwise expect election chaos that CiC Biden & Military will have to respond to in 2022 elections, AND THAT UNDOUBTEDLY, although vitally necessary, is going to be cumbersome and messy.

It sure seems that Republicans in Senate under McConnell’s unscrupulous leadership, along with GOP Operatives, senators Manchin & Sinema, are giving CiC Biden no other choice than to issue an Emergency Executive Order (likely under Marshall Law) to have the Military/Armed Forces take over administration of federal  elections in 2022 & 24 (of constitutionally unlawful GOP states, or perhaps all states) because of GOP states’ Voting Rights Plundering laws & electors biasing favoring GOP that they have instituted.

SO the BIG ELEPHANT (not the GOP one) in the room, is the COLLOSAL QUESTION as to whether President Biden will act in a timely manner for US at the crucial time needed like his predecessors have (e.g., Abe & FDR)? Please Dear God give him strength/wisdom to protect/save US.

On Twitter, CGU asked that very question, which was summarized and expanded upon and submitted as a suggested editorial to the New York Times, which in essence was outwardly DEMANDING CONGRESS & CiC Biden ACT PER THEIR OATHS to formulate and act upon a resolution demonstrating that majority opinion in Congress agrees that the GOP controlled states are being US Insurrectionists by BLATANTLY VIOLATING the CONSTITUTION 14th & 15th Amendments:


This Op-Ed Submission was submitted again to NYT, Washington Post (WaPo) and numerous news media outlets (including main stream and independents) throughout the nation stating that:

“Congress (& CiC Biden) Must Act (by oath) Against GOP State Insurrectionists Due to Constitutional Violations (14th & 15th Amendments)”:


Via Twitter, CGU sent out similar messages to CiC Biden & VP Harris & all the Democratic Congress members (House & Senate) demanding they HOLD GOP STATE PUBLIC OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE FOR VIOLATING CONSTITUTION 14th & 15th AMENDMENTS:


All the above Op-Ed submittals and messages sent to news media and Democratic US Government publicly elected office holders in the Executive and Legislative branches included the background information that made up the basis for this PLEA TO THE US GOVERNMENT public officials clearly showing the portions of the Constitution that are blatantly being violated, including various excerpts from the applicable Constitution and amendments thereof.

This CGU Twitter message (the Adobe Cloud attachment) was further abbreviated then to only include the introductory amendment synopsis and CRITICAL Section 3 (in its entirety) of the CONSTITUTION’s 14th Amendment along with the following message, which was again sent via Twitter to all the parties as aforementioned, with the variety of applicable “one-line/phrase introductory statements” as shown below:

INTRO STATEMENT#1: “Ok Senate Majority Leader Schumer B&C:”


INTRO STATEMENT#3: “Dear God give Biden&Dems courage for B&C:”

INTRO STATEMENT#4: “Beg you Dear God have Dems do B&C:”

INTRO STATEMENT#5: “First Congress Dems need to move to ‘B’:”



INTRO STATEMENT#9: “<1 yr to Nov ’22: Dems must pick B&C:”

INTRO STATEMENT#10: “ATTN Dems – NO WorldWar3 – Go to ‘B’:”

INTRO STATEMENT#11: “Dems follow plan or become OBSOLETE:”

INTRO STATEMENT (insert from Statements #1 through #11 above):
A) Get good fed voting rights act thru;
B) “A” fails: Call vote against GOP state Insurrectionists on Constitutional violations: 14th (esp. S3) & 15th Amds;
C) “B” pass or fail: CiC Biden & Military admin fed elections


SPECIAL MESSAGE TO BIDEN/HARRIS on the Twitter promotions they were making:

“Yeah, Build Back Better might be in the form of reconstruction after Civil War 2.0.”

No time for “c’est la vie” or cordial bipartisan BS! Dem Congress members must initiate action AGAINST STATE GOP INSURRECTIONISTS Violating 14th (Sec 3) & 15 Amendments! If action passes or fails, then hand off to CiC Biden/Military to admin fed elections.


Everything being said here by CGU is given on the UglyGOP.com web site, so the following CGU Tweet was sent out numerous times:

Don’t know how people have such a “c’est la vie” attitude nowadays – “whatever will happen will happen” – la, la la…? Nov ’22 election not far away, & the bullies on the block (GOP states) are f’cking US over! PLEASE SEE

There’s CONSEQUENCES GOOD/BAD for our ACTIONS/INACTIONS, & close calls can always go either way, so stop & count one’s blessings, & don’t get complacent & think EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST FINE, because FEW YEARS FROM NOW WE MAY ALL BE UNDER US GOP AUTOCRACY!

Even if people are shunned by CGU’s outspokenness, please know that we do not ever plan on letting up because we believe the RESISTANCE to DJT GOP must remain strong and constant until the ORANGUTAN CLOWN is gone and MAGAtdom ceases to exist. We don’t want Autocracy/Fascism, and that’s where DJT is taking US, which may be fashioned after pre-WW2 Germany or Italy, or modern day Russia (Oligarchic Autocracy = Kleptocracy), which we all know has been partnering closely with Trump and numerous GOP public officials and DJT-GOP CRONY CROOKS.

Remember, never lick a sharp knife; don’t spit or piss into the wind; and never vote Republican. UglyGOP.com.

The content of the Twitter messages given in the Op-Ed submittals to news media outlets and later sent to hundreds of Democratic publicly elected officials is given below:




James P Lamancusa, CommonGoodUnited.org  Founder, @JamesLamancusa (ideas blossomed through multiple RTs between me & retired atty, Suzy @Skwidj)

INTRODUCTION TO 8-PART TWEET: Discussed herein are the clear and apparent 14th Amendment, Section 3 Constitutional violations that have occurred and are ongoing in GOP states by public officials of those states acting as INSURRECTIONISTS to the United States government by passing Voting Rights Plundering laws in violation of 14th and 15th Amendment of the Constitution (equal protection of laws, and equal & fair voting rights for all US citizens, regardless of sex, race etc).

Democrats in Congress have huge Constitutional power regarding dealing with GOP state Insurrectionists (state public officials) who are passing Constitutionally/federally unlawful Voting Rights Plundering laws and instituting other such measures to bias assigned members of the Electoral College in those GOP controlled states. In this same regard, for the same reason, Commander in Chief President Biden has even greater Constitutional power to address these unlawful acts being committed by these state public officials because he has the full backing of the US Military who could be called upon to administer the federal elections in 2022 (& 2024 if problem persists). 1/8

The 1868 14th  Amendment states that: “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge privileges or immunities of citizens of US; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person in its jurisdiction equal protection of laws”  2/8

Specifically, the 14th Amendment in Section 3 outlaws and bans insurrectionists of any kind in government (state & its local divisions, or federal) and mandates their removal. In Section 3 it states that no person, government representative/public official or STATE, sworn to Constitution…”shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”  3/8

Section 3 further states: “..But Congress may by vote of two thirds of each House, remove such disability.” So therefore, Section 3 requires evidence of participation in insurrectionist activity, and that evidence raises a presumption for removal that can only be defeated by a two thirds vote in both chambers.  4/5

If Democrats in Congress fail to address these blatant Constitutional violations being committed by state officials against the U.S. Government, they will be blatantly violating their oath/rule of law. GOP states are violating the substance of the 15th Amendment which states: ”Right of citizens of US to vote shall not be denied or abridged by US or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” The original 15th Amendment was amended in 1920 and 1971 by the 19th and 26th Amendments, that subsequently added women’s right to vote and lowered the voting age to 18 years of age, respectively.  5/6

Additionally, Section 3 of the 14th Amendment explicitly mentions Military and President, so both of these branches of federal government are bound to remove whoever has engaged in Insurrectionist activity. Democrats have power to remove insurrectionists in the states. This 1868 obscure provision of the Constitution has never been needed, BUT IT IS NEEDED NOW!   6/8

Plainly put, GOP state Voting Rights Plundering laws are Insurrectionist activity. Post Civil War, priority was given to removing Insurrectionists from all government to avoid a repeat of the Civil War’s devastation, so Section 3 has nation-wide jurisdiction – i.e., Democrats have power and obligation by their Constitutional duties to remove Insurrectionists in states.  7/8

Democrats in Congress need only achieve a majority vote in both legislative chambers for the removal of GOP state Insurrectionists; however, if senators Manchin and Sinema continue as Republican operatives and do not vote against the Insurrectionists, it will then come down to Commander in Chief President Biden to complete his Constitutional duty of issuing and Emergency Executive Order to have the executive branch take over administration of the of the 2022 federal elections as implemented by the Armed Forces (US Military) under the President’s command as so ordered in the violating GOP states.



Congressional Democrats seem to be ignoring the power bestowed upon them by this portion of Constitution, which allows them to remove insurrectionists by a simple majority, which can only be overruled by a super majority (two-thirds) vote in both chambers (House & Senate). It sounds pretty simple on paper right? But how do you remove public officials from their positions occupied in the GOP states? That doesn’t sound achievable, but it certainly would send those states and individuals a message about violating the Constitution of the Union of states they supposedly belong to? However, the state GOP officials, would in fact, have to step aside and allow the US Military under CiC Biden’s command administer the federal elections in their states until they remove their Voting Rights Plundering laws and Electoral College biasing. GOP-RNC we presume does not stand for Greedy Oligarchic (e.g., Russian-like) Proponents – Republican New Confederates DOES IT?

Democrats should therefore be modeling this process by removing insurrectionists from government as Section 3 requires and Republicans’ only recourse is to achieve a two-thirds vote to override the Congressional action against these state insurrectionists.

This may be that rare moment in history, when principled white men step forward and use their elected representative power to restrain other white men. Their predecessors in the post Civil War era had just been through a brutal, bloody, war, which instilled in them a strong desire to adequately modify the Constitution in a manner that would hopefully prevent the recurrence of another civil war. They KNEW how white male insurrectionists needed to be handled, and wrote Section 3 of the 14th Amendment accordingly.

There has always been questions on why the Section 3 was written the way it was. First, the disinclination of white men to hold other white men accountable was demonstrated elsewhere throughout history in different jurisdictions. Although not a government per se (Vatican City & Church under the Pope & Cardinals), the Roman Catholic Church is a prime example, whereby as priests in great numbers readily broke their vows to the Catholic Church (and God), their superiors in the church VIOLATED THEIR OATH, and turned their heads the other way and ignored the problem for centuries instead of addressing it head on and removing these men from the priesthood. The white men who enacted Section 3 knew it would apply the same way to white men in general.

Fast forward to 2021 present day, and this current crop of white men in US Congress (& in White House) is a century plus removed from this brutal bloody war that occurred in the 1800s, and they cannot reconcile themselves to the “drastic” measures of Section 3, and the likely uproar that would erupt when action is taken against insurrectionist public officials– as with the priests, they prefer to violate their Oath and rule of law instead, but hopefully Democratic lawmakers (& POTUS) will rise to occasion and set things right.

We’re at a make or break point in the history of the U.S. democratic republic, and it is not a time to repeat past mistakes by merely acting to once again protect the white male ruling class at the detriment to the rest of the U.S. population. If we repeat that mistake and don’t learn from history, the US just won’t have much of a future.


Fourteenth Amendment:

Citizenship Rights, Equal Protection, Apportionment, Civil War Debt

Passed by Congress June 13, 1866. Ratified July 9, 1868. The 14th Amendment changed a portion of Article I, Section 2. A portion of the 14th Amendment was changed by the 26th Amendment

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Section 3

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.


GOP GUN MADNESS Part of Bannon Plan to Arm GOP Shock Troops:

There are definitely wide CONCERN in US of possibly GETTING SHOT ANYWHERE (bus station, concert, shopping mall, school, park etc). There’ll be a time soon when US MILITARY PRESENCE must be MORE PREVALENT to protect US citizens such as you see in Italy and other nations.

Did you ever think that GOP has been so pro-NRA/assault weapon ownership over last half century because they want their gullible MAGAt followers to join their revolt to destroy our democracy and replace it with autocracy to dominate over women, POC, urbanites, LGBTQ, non Christians etc?

Making it even worse are GOP governors like Florida GOP Governor Desantis who promoted/passed state laws making it illegal to publically assemble and protest (free speech) and told his followers it’s alright to run over protesters in public ROW and FL has “stand your ground” laws also that make it the WILD WEST (e.g., if you’re an innocent driver and found yourself on the side of the road on a rainy day and were changing your tire and had a tire iron in your hand and were wearing a rain coat with a hoodie, someone in Florida could shoot and kill you and not be charged with murder because they looked at you as a threat and were acting perfectly under the Florida “stand your ground” which says you are within your rights shooting someone if you view them as a threat, and there’s a lot of MAGAt type people who think anyone who has a hoodie on is a death threat.

We all love your country, but let’s face it, the US is not as GREAT as many think? Rankings show this country among developed nations to be ranked one of the worst is in gun control, and now we have voting rights plundering going on in GOP states making US look like a Banana Republic! Our only hope is that CiC Biden will issue Emergency Executive Order and have Military take over administration of fed elections in GOP states (maybe all states) in ’22 or else Civil War 2 and GOP Autocracy WILL HAVE ARRIVED!

Many GOP states allow open carry of assault weapons, so what’s to stop tens of thousands of MAGAts to march down main street USA and take over other than the declaration of Marshall law, which could very well come too late? Keep in mind, that in Michigan these MAGAt idiots marched into the MI State Capitol fully armed & loaded!

GOP are a totally IRRESPONSIBLE & RECKLESS PARTY. They’ve made the US a POWDER KEG because they’re LOOSE and RECKLESS on gun control and now AMERICANS are HEAVILY ARMED. GOP Essence: GREED & GUNS and what does the GOP/RNC stand for: Greedy Oligarchic (Russia like) Proponents/Republican New Confederates (Civil War like).


DJT GOP MAGAts on Path to Destroy US Democracy and Replace with Autocracy:

As US politics are going WACKO, as they are now with DJT GOP MAGAt movement, don’t become complacent because if it continues on this path, our lives in US will SUCK BIGLY [sic]!

MAGAts now recruiting Shock Troop Youth: This is MESSAGE to Dem HIERARCHY that YOU CAN’T BE NAMBY PAMBY! (No Patty Cake!). GOP are not compatriots! They’ve proven this by not impeaching Trump after Jan 6 DJT GOP MAGA MOB Capitol Insurrection/Coup Attempt.

Small minded GOPers don’t like knowing they’ve become the MINORITY!



Of course, first of all under the GOP DJT CRONY CROOKS LIST, is the Trump family itself, including yours truly, The Former Guy (TFG) Donald J Trump himself, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump (& husband Jared Kushner), and The Former Lady (TFL) Melania Trump. GOP Mark Meadow’s one of many DJT’s CRONY CROOKS (former GOP White House Chief of Staff for DJT), Also included are: US GOP Rep Matt Gaetz (sex with minor offense pending), Former GOP NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani (inciter for Jan 6 Riot), Former GOP DJT Adviser/White House Staff Member Steve Bannon (unofficial Leader of the MAGA Shock Troops), GOP US Rep Jim Jordan (got off sexual offense charges due to statute of limitations), GOP US Rep & House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (practically lived at Mar-a-Lago), and Senate GOP Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (close ally and confidante to Vladimir Putin/Russia).

Trump appointing DeJoy as the US Post Master General has been a huge Disaster, and it was intended to be so by Trump because he had full intention of disrupting the mail service to disrupt and slow down the delivery of mail-in ballots during the November 2020 election, which did in fact, cause major disruptions, and many of the mail-in ballots did not get counted because they got pigeon holed in various USPS warehouses and were not found until after the election (e.g., Miami-Dade County, Florida). Additionally, DeJoy dismantled and removed a lot of the automated processing equipment USPS locations to further complicate and slow down the mail. What is so pathetic and outrageous, is that DeJoy still holds this position at the USPS and mail delivery services are getting worse and worse. US Government must get rid of DeJoy PRONTO! The only reason stated so far as to why he hasn’t been removed is that the board that oversees the USPS (who DeJoy reports to) is made up of a majority of GOP DJT appointed board members/directors.



If you summarize all the possible bad characteristics of a human being, you’ve got a Republican.

Point to understand, is Greed & Power “TRUMPS” all else in our earthly existence. Only a fool would deny this.

In order to understand what is meant by GOOD, you must know what is BAD and UGLY:

The Republican Party is so BAD for US in so many ways, and are just plain UGLY:

Usurp (They URSURP their Constitutional duties)

Greed (They have insatiable appetite for GREED)


Yearn (They SELFISHLY and constantly YEARN for GREED & POWER)

The characteristics of the UGLY Republican Party are:


Self-Righteous Beliefs:

Religious Singularity (Christianity of ALL)

Pro-Racial Homogeneity (Anti-POC)

Xenophobic/Anti-Foreign Internationals



Anti-Women’s Reproductive Rights

 Pro-Big Corps & Super Wealthy






Anti-Voting Rights

Anti-LGBTQ Rights

Anti-Environment/Science Deniers

Anti-Public Health & Safety

There’s NOTHING GOOD ABOUT Republicans – It’s not difficult to COUNT the MANY WAYS they are DEPLORABLE:


Greedy/Power mongers
War/Hate mongers
Earth Exploiters


Short Sighted

Money Grubbers




Also, if you’re old white male WASP, that gives you green light to break the law as much as you want; and if you’re rich or closely affiliated with large corporations, you can lie, cheat, plunder & break the law 100s of times and you’ll be untouchable by US Justice system.

Prerequisites for being GOP MAGAt:

Be gullible and easily conned by cult leader, demagogue & shyster making false promises.

“Three great forces rule the world: Stupidity, fear, and greed.” 

– Albert Einstein. GOP’s only goal: Greed & Power fulfilled to max by LIES, DISHONESTY & fear/stupidity of general public.

One only has to see what’s happened to our family and friends who were once thriving middle class citizens with a bright future for their children and grandchildren. Now those same people and their children and children’s children seeing little hope for their prosperity and quality of life in the coming years. All the while, try to imagine the depravity of Republicans looking into the eyes of their grandchildren and great grandchildren, knowing that they did nothing other than adamantly oppose any measures to combat the CLIMATE CRISIS (What they say to these young people”: Either they tell them to “Toughen up, and learn to live with it”, or they just flat out tell them “TOO BAD, YOU’RE F’CKED!”, or they recite this poem to them:

When Climate Crisis gets steadily worse,

Habitable land will drastically reduce,

Mega mass migrations they will occur,

Buying scarce land by wealthy it will spur,

Each scared fleeing man flocks like bird,

As big corps & wealthy reduce the herd.


Survival of Fittest is what it’s called

Hearing this we were appalled

Stealth & wealth found high on list

Poor or disable must fear fascist

Skin color lowers one’s odds

& Nazis don’t allow your Gods

Freedom & equality is lacking

When their money is stacking

_____________________________________ 2/5

It’s time now to look in their eyes

No sleep if great grandchild cries

Her future it won’t be so great

Effects of greed & evil is her fate

Our Earth it is rapidly heating

Advent of Autocracy is meeting

White male Christians decide

Who lives & dies in this ride

_____________________________________ 3/5

The scary life of war and extinction

Too young to make that distinction

Big Pharma welcome Pandemic

WHO gets covid cure is academic

Tentacles of covid is rampant virus

Population reduction is a RICH plus

Many who die are poor urbanites

Some eating little & having no lights

_____________________________________ 4/5

Death upon US, others content

Republicans proved negligent

Anti vaxxers no risk pretend

No mask message they send

GOP Governors condone spread

Hospitals overflow with the dead

Root of evil is greed and power

Failed their oath makes US sour

_____________________________________ 5/5

Based on unbiased CLEAR/TRUE multiple-decade observations:

GOP Principle No. 1:


Dems will be very polite & will fall over & play dead while DJT GOP MAGA Maniac Bannon Shock Troops trample over them as GOP moves strategically and steadfastly on their path to create autocratic fascist US Govt.

GOP Principle No. 2:

TRUTH hurts so don’t use it!

Just think how many lies were told by DJT in 2015-2020 (50K+, 20 to 60/day), and all his Admin, family & GOP cronies/officials & Propagandists (FOX etc) were similar. GOP election strategy is based on telling gullible voters LIES.

GOP Principle No. 3:

Exploitation of environment are polluters’ rights.

GOP believes & condones the exploitation of environment in a manner that is most profitable for businesses & their share holders, regardless of detrimental effects to health & safety of public or workers.

GOP Principle No. 4:

Workers are human capital that’s all!

Although GOP MAGAts can’t see through LIES, GOP doesn’t care about basic human rights/needs of their workers, such as having adequate/affordable housing, nutrition, healthcare, education, safety etc.

GOP Principle No. 5:


Narrow minded GOP bigots are always trying to infuse Christianity across whole of society, disregarding widely varying beliefs & religions that existed globally for millenniums-People’s beliefs are personal.

GOP Principle No. 6:


GOP WASP party has always given PREFERRED TREATMENT to OLD WHITE MEN OVER WOMEN for wages, elected/appointed positions & basic rights, & HOW THEY VIEW/TREAT POC is FAR WORSE – THEY PARTNER WITH RACIST ORGS.

GOP Principle No.7:


They are: Nationalists, isolationists, xenophobic, 100% anti immigration, & are extremely anti Muslim, anti Semitic, anti Asian, anti Native Americans, anti Brown/Hispanic & anti POC in general, esp. Blacks/African Americans, & are PARTNERS w/KKK & other WHITE SUPREMACISTS (the RED MAGA hats have replaced the White Hoods).

GOP Principle No. 8:


Except for white heterosexual Christians – GOP rejects all others & treats them with distain, injustice/inequality, including LGBTQ, all people of color, foreign internationals, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists & Atheists.

GOP Principle No. 9:


Prisons are profitable & are great resource for GOP & Corps & Wealthy to tame the POPULOUS & are not intended for lawless rich people. Government is of, by & for CORPS & Wealthy.

GOP Principle No. 10:

Government is the PROBLEM and NOT the SOLUTION (Reagan era begins in 1980s):

Idea that self-serving greedy GOP GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS are SUPPOSE TO PROTECT environment, wellbeing & health/safety of PUBLIC is NONSENSE. Govt is strictly conduit for GOP Corps & Wealthy to maximize wealth & minimize their taxes.

GOP Principle No. 11:


GOP DOESN’T INTEND to broaden/DIVERSIFY their APPEAL to populous (women/minorities). Their PATH NOW is to PLUNDER VOTING RIGHTS & rig Electoral College on their path to US AUTOCRACY.

GOP Principle No. 12:


As CO2 and TEMPERATURES RISE, HABITABLE LAND DIMINISHES, and with that, POPULATION DIES OFF, leaving PRIME/SAFE LAND for WEALTHY class, who will build barriers for their safe havens. COVID19 became GOP’s ENHANCED ANSWER to POPULATION CONTROL. GREEDY GOP strived to enhance this PANDEMIC in fashion to MAXIMIZE DEATHS & PROFITS for Big Pharma & themselves as they capitalized on the dire situation, while at same time delighting in PEOPLE DIE OFF to THIN HUMAN HERDS.

GOP Principle No. 14:

Use GOP MEGA Media/Entertainment CORPS as PROPAGANDISTS and to INTRODUCE DEMAGOGUE/CULT-LIKE LEADER (Jim Jones like personality):

First step is highlighting JimJones-like Reality TV Star – general [loyal] populous will gravitate to demagogue CULT leader, that will dominate air waves, give maximum profits and propagandize GOP agenda.

GOP Principle No. 15:


Populous to be reduced in troublesome national & world areas, adding money to GNP via Military Industrial Complex, furthering nationall & world resources domination (human, natural resources etc) favoring kleptocratic rule similar to Trump’s Puppeteer, Putin’s nation, Russia.

GOP Principle No. 16:,

Only strong will survive, & those on low end of human spectrum due to defects or not self-sufficient (non-male-WASPs, POC, poor, water/food shortage, disabled, uneducated, etc) will be thinned out.

GOP Principle No. 17:

Big Corps & Ultra-Wealthy are experts at CHEATING ON TAXES, & hiding their profits & income in Shell Corps or overseas at some remote island or nation. They bank on people (especially MAGAts) having short memories.

GOP Principle No. 18:
Deals w/Republicans MUST BE STRICTLY 1-sided.

Prime Example: GOPers OWN/CONTROL of women’s Reproductive system, who have NO SAY SO about “MAN JUNK”; i.e., NO FORCED VASECTOMIES, MEN MAY SELL THEIR SPERM TO HIGH BIDDER, Unwanted OFFSPRING from male promiscuous behavior – NOT THEIR PROBLEM!

GOP Principle No. 19:
Primary GOP Destructive Forces of GREED & GUNS Synthesized to Feed Massive Military Industrial Complex and to Promote 2nd Amendment Rights to Massively Arm GOP Supporting Civilians to be Utilized as Needed as GOP Shock Troops.

Did you ever think that GOP has been so pro-NRA/assault weapon ownership over last half century because they want their gullible MAGAt followers to join their revolt in Civil War 2.0 to destroy our democracy and replace it with a GOP autocracy to dominate over women, POC, urbanites, LGBTQ, non Christians etc?

GOP Principle Number 20:

Another human’s hardship should be preyed upon by GOP and treated like a human financial bonanza!

That exactly why the GOP starts wars: feed the Military Industrial Complex to produce financial wealth to Defense industry, include equipment/materials capital, as well as human capital, like Black Water type Contract Militias; all to make big dollars, while millions die in invaded nations, or our very own US military men & women are killed or wounded). That’s also why the GOP was lackadaisical under Trump in the covid19 Pandemic response: the more people that get covid in US and globally, the greater the GOP financial gains; and that is why, like in FL and TX, the GOP governors there discourage people from getting vaccinated and wearing masks, because GOP financial gains are great for medical facilities (hospitals) for sales of monoclonal antibodies treatment drugs, etc, that the GOPers are promoting for their CRONY CROOKS.


It is time now for a new generation of ABOLITIONISTS:

Principled American Patriots dedicated to ABOLISHING Republican Party FOREVER! We abolished the CONFEDERACY, so why not abolish the GOP too! As everyone knows, GOP/RNC stands for Greedy Oligarchic (like Russia) Proponents/Republican New Confederates (like pre-Civil War).

You may wonder it the KKK’s feelings are hurt because of all the DJT GOP MAGA hats now being used in place of white hoods? The answer is No, because the KKK is perfectly okay with that small concession in exchange for increasing their membership to tens of millions.

GOPers like former DOJ/AG Bill Barr are big supporters of the Federalist Society, which is an evil force that claims are fundamental Constitutionalists, yet while at the same time they condone the measures being taken by the GOP states in enacting Voting Rights Plundering laws and elector biasing mechanisms in their election process to take away the Constitutional equal Rights of all citizens to vote for their representatives without the state artificially suppressing and purging votes and by biasing electors to favor candidates of the state’s predominant political party (GOP).


UGLY GOP Governors, esp. Florida, Texas & Georgia:

The GOP Florida way: Buildings that collapse due to nonexistent laws and regulations or lax enforcement on building standards for construction and maintenance because to hell with protecting public health & safety because that takes more time and adds to development costs and hurts the bottom line, and it’s alright to not have any environmental controls to minimize pollution cause by stormwater from agricultural and urban runoff which pollutes the estuaries and bays so the residents and visitors can inhale the red tide toxins, but Florida does have great laws that prevents people from exercising their right to free speech by publicly assembling and protesting and gives you a 15-yr prison sentence if you violate those laws, and be careful also when you are protesting because the governor has told the public that it is alright for them to run you over with their vehicles if you happen to be protesting in the public right of way, and if you get a flat and have to change your tire, realize someone in Florida can shoot and kill you under the FL “stand your ground” law if they look at you as a threat because you have a tire iron in your hand and are wearing a rain coat with a hoodie on a rainy day.

As 60,000 people are dying from covid in FL, those gullible GOP MAGAt people there believe their FL Governor preying mantis Desantis knows what is best for them, and he says don’t worry about getting vaccinated or wearing a mask because it’s no big deal if you get covid because they have ample supplies of monoclonal antibodies that they can inject into you as a cure at their overflowing hospitals, and if that doesn’t work, well, you will just die, and life will go on for the rest of the thriving economy in the Sunshine State. Keep in mind, that he could possibly be our next president, because he certainly has a lot of the same characteristics as the last GOP president.

Also, plan to visit the waterfalls at the FL Falling Waters State Park where unexpectedly you will see this natural occurrence which results from a small stream that empties into a deep sink hole, which is where your house may go if you own one in FL. Or, as mentioned earlier, if you live on 12th Floor of a high rise condo building and you accidentally drop your glass of water in the middle of the night and it shatters on your bedroom tile floor, the whole building may collapse from under you due to lack of FL safety laws and regulations related to this minor issue. This message not approved by Preying Mantis Desantis or the FL tourist association.

The vexing and perplexing FL Governor Preying Mantis Desantis is going to bankrupt local schools & local governments by fining them for having mask wearing mandates at schools and in public buildings in violations of his BASSACKWARDS COVID PANDEMIC public health & safety requirements to make sure his state anti-vaxxing & anti-mask wearing executive orders actually hurt worse than you or your family members contacting the dreaded COVID19 disease and suffering immensely and quite possibly dying. If you look at the statistics in Florida in the middle of October 2021, you can see that FL is doing quite poorly as shown by the data below:

Covid deaths today: FL, US, FL %:
59K 724K 8.1%
Population today: FL, US, FL %:
21.5M 329.5M 6.5%

The consensus is that the absolutely worst governors in US are GOP governors GA Kemp, FL DeSantis & TX Abbott. These Governors are the WORST of the WORST, and need to be voted out of office by Dem Party in ’22.

Governor Abbott thinks that his laws that he and GOP state legislature enacted outlawing abortions of any kind, including $10,000 bounty to citizens reporting violators, qualifies himself as being pro-life? Abbot & his ilk (Desantis etc) have no conscience on saving lives of living/walking human beings in our nation as demonstrating on how they, like Trump, have handled the COVID PANDEMIC with GROSS NEGLIGENCE, discouraging common sense preventative measures like vaccinations and mask wearing.



Trump family looks at US humans like those big game endangered animals they kill, which Don Sh_t for Brains Jr is always showing off. Wonder if Trumps have mounted any of US yet, now that there’s almost 750K COVID DEATHS in US of which at least 75% directly attributable to DJT GOP?

Read the “HateMonger” HORRID Trump & Stephen Miller: That’s why they’re called “UglyGOP.com”. No such thing as physically UGLY: Watch 2016 movie about physically challenged beautiful & admirable person: A Brave Heart (Lizzie Velasquez story).


Read the book on Trump’s & Stephen Miller’s HateMongering. That’s why it’s called UglyGOP.com. No such thing as physically UGLY: Watch 2016 movie about physically challenged beautiful & admirable person: A Brave Heart (Lizzie Velasquez story).



Everyone knows from his past history of cheating, lying, not paying bills, grifting, scheming, etc, that Donald J Trump is a Con Artist, Shyster, and a major Bull Shitter (BS), and Trump BS’s the world and every living human being, and it’s to point that he’s even BS’ing himself, so he’s to the point that he doesn’t know what’s up or down. He’s the BIGGEST BUFFOON of all ages and we in the US are utterly shameful that he was our President and leader of Free World! What’s that say about US?


Trump’s New Truth Social Internet Platform: Be sure to read the fine print before signing up for this one. A guy who LIES 50,000 times from 2015-2020 probably shouldn’t be heading up new TRUTH social platform.

https://www.huffpost.com/entry/donald-trump-truth-social_n_6171001ce4b065735736dbda? via @HuffPostPol



Social media (like Twitter, not like FaceBook) can serve US well by spreading word on the extreme challenges we are facing in the US (and world) in this current highly volatile divisive political climate. We can only hope that the government leadership can level their egos to hear what we are all chatting about. Many of US fear greatly that destructive forces resembling the past (or worse) could envelop US and destroy the democratic republic we so cherish and admire. The decisions to be made by US government leadership in the next two years is colossal and earth shattering (potentially literally), and it is one of those moments when we all hope an Abraham Lincoln like or Franklin D Roosevelt like individual will rise to this awesome occasion, responsibility and challenge.

We all know that FaceBook (FB) was a major participant in the Russian Election Interference that occurred in 2015-16, that resulted in the defeat of Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, which was also contributed by GOP FBI Director James Comey nonsensical October press releases and briefings about Clinton’s emails, plus the disgruntled Bernie supporters turned against Democratic Party and Clinton (for variety of reasons, such as events that occurred during DNC primaries), and the negative Clinton ads broadcast throughout the nation and world by Russian/Facebook partnership..

Also, GUESS WHAT? CommonGoodUnited told Facebook and FB User by name of CommonGoodUnited was posting CGU Logo that says


 which has been CommonGoodUnited Inc’s domain since fall 2019 when it was purchased (both .org & .com purchased at same time). FB also said UglyGOP.com could not be mentioned or displayed on their platform in any fashion because it was offensive and didn’t meet their standards (WE NEVER THOUGHT FaceBook HAD ANY STANDARDS, AND WHY WHEN WE ARE BEING HONEST ABOUT THE GOP WON’T THEY LET US describe the GOP in full detail on their web site”).


Is this webpage really offensive? In order for PEOPLE to understand the GOOD, they must also understand the BAD & UGLY, and the latter is exactly what UglyGOP.com was intended for, and accomplishes for the betterment of the Common Good of Humanity, so all US humans fully understand what being UGLY is all about. Of course, narrow minded Facebook and DJT-GOP only look at UGLY as describing what they perceive as being physically ugly, because that’s how shallow people think. Decent people who care about the Common Good of Humanity, do not consider any humans to be physically ugly – we humans are all physically beautiful in our many forms and appearances.


US Domination by Big Corps/Ultra-Wealthy, including MEGA Entertainment/News Corps: (also GOP FOX Propaganda Machine):

DJT-GOPT-MAGA are perfectly aligned with MEGA ENTERTAINMENT/NEWS CORPS, otherwise known as MSM (Main Stream Media) or Reality TV. Don’t let them suck US back in again. THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS IN THE USA and MAGA TRUMP WORLD ARE A PRODUCT OF MEGA ENTERTAINMENT/NEWS CORPS.

MSM advertising revenues are down now that we have stable federal Government, so now MSM are itching to get Trump back in the game. They want Trump back! That’s why MSM is so down currently on Biden, because it is starting to get boring for the viewing public, which reduces ratings, which just AIN’T GOOD FOR ADVERTISING and the revenues it creates for MSM.

That’s the whole POINT, and people should be constantly reminded that MSM (including AT&T-CNN, etc) are strictly in business to maximize profits for CEO and share holders, and they’ll be rooting for DJT as before in 2015-16 once they know he’s running again in ’24. It’s Government of, by and for Big Corps and the Ultra-Rich.


DJT-GOP & Putin/Russia Christian Evangelical Partnership:

More & more Trump is turning into KRYPTONITE. Even hypocritical evangelicals are shunning him because their collections are down because of the divisiveness he is spreading throughout their congregations that they so heavily depend on to support their extravagant life styles.


Oh this is such a pity for the jet setting evangelicals that their collection boxes aren’t full enough lately to support their TAX-FREE extravagant life styles? ISN’T ABOUT TIME THAT THESE MEGA EVANGELICAL HIGHLY POLITICAL ACTIVE EVANGELICAL CHURCHES STARTED PAYING FEDERAL TAXES LIKE THE REST OF US?

Christians tend to think they’re the chosen people, and it’s their way or the highway! For many of US who are “old school Christians”, perhaps Catholics raised in lower middle class neighborhoods, we weren’t brought up that way, but the conservative GOP WASPs who lived nearby are the same today as they were back then, ONLY WORSE NOW (e.g., Stepfordville, W MI, home of the Amdroids).

What’s new now, is that DJT’s & GOP’s partner, Putin (Russia) is now catering to Christian evangelicals in Russia, exactly mimicking the same holy rolling con artist strategy used by DJT-GOP. YES! Tax the GOP Evangelical Christian Churches to Holy Hell! If they support GOP, they belong there! Putin’s no dummy: He saw CONMAN SHYSTER DJT so effectively schmoozing the hypocritical evangelical Christians, so he followed suit. This is one case, when Trump was the mentor to Putin, whereas the usual case is that Putin is the Mentor and Puppeteer to the Puppet, Donald J Trump.

PUTIN Puppeteer/Mentor – TRUMP Puppet/Protégé/Apprentice:


American Family Association, AFA Executive Director Fischer: Putin’s “lion of Christianity”

Pastor and US Evangelical Leader, Franklin Graham: Putin’s “protecting traditional Christianity”

Ultra-Conservative, Neo-Con, Christian Holy Roller, GOP Pat Buchanan praises Putin: “If Trump decides to roll back same-sex & abortion rights, US will look to Putin.”


In this case Putin mimicked moron Trump, whereas, it is usually the case of DJT the PUPPET mimicking Putin the Mentor/PUPPETEER. Former KGB Putin & now Russian Kleptocrat, is perfecting the manipulation of the US Christian flock and the Russian Christian flock.


Besides Addressing CLIMATE CHANGE, Must also Stop Leaky CRIMe Plants:

Given in the article that follows is just one more example of a Leaky CRIMe plant (Chemically Real Intense Manufacturing establishments) which exist among 10,000s plants around MI & US due to NO enforcement by EPA & MI of 1980s RCRA hazardous waste regulations. My sister & mom have nonHodgekins cancer from PFOS resulting from these Leaky CRIMe plants (Plainfield Twp MI water system).


If you happen to live near a CRIMe plant, you should be especially concerned, and even if you don’t live nearby a CRIMe plant, numerous such plants almost certainly exist your region/state, that are in all likelihood collectively polluting your public fresh water supply source (i.e., your municipal/public safe drinking water supply system). Many of these prevalent Leaky CRIMe plants are polluting groundwater aquifers and rivers/lakes that serve as public drinking water supply sources. The worst case would be if you have a private domestic well for your home next to a CRIMe plant, but even if that’s not the case (which was situation for my mother & sister), you may be drinking tap water that is tainted with chemicals from these leaking industrial plants that do not have proper environmental safeguards due to lack of enforcement by federal (EPA) and state agencies of long established laws & regulations enacted in the 1980s as mentioned (RCRA Hazardous Waste rules). This is another case, whereby corporations, through their strong lobbyists have managed to avoid having to properly address this issue because they want to keep their bottom line costs at bare minimum to maximum profits for their CEOs and shareholders, while in the meantime, for over a half a century have been polluting the land and water, and thereby contaminating our highly valued public fresh water supply sources and causing environmental and public health problems. It is inexcusable on many fronts, including that our publicly elected and appointed officials have known about this issue for multiple decades through WHISTLEBLOWER disclosures (such as made by CGU founder), etc, but have turned a deaf ear & blind eye to these notifications because they wanted to get reelected and did not want to reduce their electability by bringing up a critical issue that businesses didn’t want to hear about, and the candidates didn’t want to be viewed as causing difficulties in local/state/regional economies (employment etc) and supply issues for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers, like GM, Ford etc). Examples of these CRIMe plants include metal (e.g., decorative chromium etc) plating, leather tanneries, stainless steel manufacturing, paper/pulp manufacturing, etc. Reported Leaky CRIMe plant problem to MI AG Granholm in 2000 & she did zero (she later became MI governor for two consecutive terms). How would that make you feel if your mother and sister came down with cancer just for drinking their tap water?

As mentioned, sister & mom got nonHodgekins cancer from drinking city water with PFOS & hexavalent chromium (carcinogens = cancer causing) chemicals from metal plating & tannery plants (W MI). There is high PFOS & Cr+6 (from Rockford Wolverine tannery?) in Plainfield Township MI water system. PFOS there exceeds 20 ppt, and by comparison, communities in MA have issued public warnings on levels greater than 20 ppt.



.Giacomo’s a POET, he just don’t KNOW IT:


How do GOP elected public officials look into the eyes of their grandchildren & great-grandchildren (& nieces/nephews), and tell them “WE’RE DOING NOTHING to combat Climate Change. So you’re f’cked! Just learn to live with it!”

It really is quite sad and pathetic that highly educated adults (mostly old white Christian WASP Republican men) don’t care about the future for younger generations. 

The scary life of war and EXTINCTION

Too young to make that DISTINCTION

Big Pharma they welcome PANDEMIC

WHO gets covid cure is pure ACADEMIC

Tentacles of covid is rampant VIRUS

Population reduction to RICH a PLUS

Many who die are poor URBANITES

Some eat little & having no LIGHTS

Senators Manchin/Sinema are GREEDY/SELFISH SOMs (Sons of Mitch’s) and are PURE Republican Operatives. If they continue OBSTRUCTING Biden’s/Dems’ legislation they must pay dearly politically in the short- and long-term, on state/regional/national level by DNC, Dem PACs, NPOs, public/private, business/professional  associations AND especially VOTERS. VOTERS must BE ON THEIR ASSES & FOLLOW THEM 24/7.

Spells RATTS:

Release your ENEMA
Along with SINEMA
Then Reload Again

Spells & Smells of RATTS


As I try to get more followers for CommonGoodUnited (nearing 13,000):

13K would make my Day!

Here is what I SAY

Just followed BUNCH

Now I have HUNCH

Me ain’t no HOKEY


I don’t lack SENSE



You’ll KNOW me MORE


Where I always STOOD


Replace GLOOM with GLEE


Halloween Holiday Greeting From Giacomo:

Holy Moly GuacaMOLE
Capachino & CanNOLI
Today’s a Hallowed DAY
Kids & adults they PLAY
Dont forget their TREAT
For you not a big FEAT
Failing to REMEMBER
When near is DECEMBER
Past was treats & FRIGHT
Tossing now they MIGHT
A snowball going QUICK
A Holiday Greeting TRICK


Saying Good Evening on the Twittersphere:

Buona Notte (Good Night to Twitterdom):

Now I lay my head down to sleep,

Must stop thinking about that creep,

I pray Dear Lord my Soul to keep,

If I should die before I wake,

Please throw that clown into a lake,

Don’t let him have my soul to take,

This country we all so much love,

Just expel vultures & give US a dove


Hadn’t reached 13,000 followers yet and still crying & trying:

Holy Moly GuacaMOLE!
Capachino & CanNOLI!
Will today be that great DAY!
Giacomo reaches 13KAY!
From now on I will CRANK!
And that doesn’t mean YANK!
Get to know me and I will SPANK!
Just remember where I STOOD!
I’m strictly for COMMON GOOD!


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