What Will POTUS Do Now That GOP Has Reached Confederate Tipping Point?

What Will POTUS Do Now That GOP Has Reached Confederate Tipping Point?

So What’s Happened and What’s Coming? The 2022 election is now over, and we now know that the GOP has taken over the U.S. House and the Dems have held onto a slight meager majority in the U.S. Senate. What impact all the anti-voting rights laws had in all the GOP controlled Confederate states is not known yet, but certainly it must have had some impact. And now the big question is: What is in store for US in the 2024 election regarding the use and likely increase in these unConstitutional anti-voting rights tactics, as well the employment of election subversion in those Confederate states, including manipulation and tampering with Electoral College apparatus? The latter has to do with the slate of electors in these Confederate states who are supposed to cast their votes submitted to the U.S. Congress in December 2024 in a manner matching the majority preference of the votes cast by the citizenry, which likely will not be the case anymore in some of those states who threw the US Constitution out the window a long time ago. And just recently (week of 12/5/22), the GOP’s genius leader, Trump says he thinks the U.S. Constitution should be done away with. And we know why he and the GOP do not like the US Constitution: Because it proclaims that we are a union of states having a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Trump and the GOP want that “people” word completely removed from the Constitution, and replaced with “Big Corps & Ultra- Wealthy”, which in practice in recent decades, has really occurred. In the Citizens United US Supreme Court case corporations were actually deemed to be a person, or have personhood. So in essence, this court case actually said it was legal and constitutional to substitute “corporations” for the word “people” in the Constitution – i.e., Government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. Certainly our founding fathers did not have that in mind when they wrote the Constitution, but it is too bad, because the Ugly GOP is changing all that; and to a great degree, they already have. So with the 2022 election now over, a lot of the Dems, especially the Dem politicians, are celebrating and saying things could have been a lot worse in the mid-term election, so Joe Biden and a lot of them are patting themselves on the back and acting like everything is fine and dandy, which it is not.

Joe did not act Abe-like and come down on the Confederate GOP states (about 20 of them) who are repeatedly violating the US Constitution  and issue an emergency Executive Order (EO) and have the federal elections administered in those states by the US Armed Forces under his command, perhaps because he is putting that off until the last desperate minute, of the last hour, on the last day before the November 2024 election, which will be too late even if by some remote chance he is even contemplating that courageous and patriot act. Joe of course is mostly concerned about preserving his 40+ year long political career and legacy regardless if an authoritarian GOP autocracy begins in January 2025 following a successful GOP election in 2024. Joe Biden is indicating he will run again for the presidency in 2024, and hopefully Kamala Harris will be his running mate again, who may be our only saving grace. Kamala seems like an individual more poised to take on the GOP Confederates than her predecessor should she become the president in the future for whatever reason, and her getting elected at the polls is not a highly probable means for her to be elected to that slot. So the big question now is whether Biden or Harris (if she filled that slot unexpectedly) would take drastic action in the form of an emergency EO against the Constitution violating GOP Confederate states and administer the federal elections in those states, or otherwise just halt the federal elections for a period of time until anti-voting rights and election subversion in those states can be brought under control. Of course, this is not going to be a simple thing, and the country is going to be in a state of turmoil and chaos while this is going on, but the alternative is having GOP autocratic rule for a half century or more, which is far worse, and will have detrimental short-term and long-term impacts on the US citizenry while favoring the Big Corps and the Ultra-wealthy. It is getting to the point that the Ugly Republican party thinks they can just violate citizens’ rights that are supposed to be protected by the US Constitution whenever they choose, and using whatever egregious tactics they choose, and most of US are figuring they will be putting US in shackles soon on public display at the state or US capitols. If you are not a white evangelical GOP Christian right now, and wearing it on your shirt sleeves, there’s a good chance you will be getting punished soon for exercising your rights to get WOKE (means learning factual history) or if you are an atheist or practicing some other non Christian religion. There’s no limit what the Ugly GOP will do, and their Constitutional violations are mounting, and the state legislatures in those Confederate states will pass anything that furthers the wicked causes of the Ugly GOP, and does harm to the Dems and the urban population. It is truly to the point, that the Ugly GOP has gone over the Confederate tipping point.

The anti-voting rights Constitutional violations occurring in the GOP Confederate states does not just have to do with extreme gerrymandering of the US congressional districts by the GOP in these states, although the latter does have a significant impact on canceling out the urban Dem votes in those states, but it has to do with an assortment of anti-voting rights laws passed in their states to arbitrarily make it more difficult for citizens to register and cast a vote (called Voter Suppression), plus the GOP is unjustly and randomly purging registered voters from their polls.  Plus, it is common practice now for the Ugly GOP to intimidate citizens attempting to get registered, or while they are voting, and they also intimidate the individuals (many who are volunteer) who work at the voting polls. All of the latter GOP tactics are specifically targeted at the urban voters who traditionally vote Democrat. The GOP Confederate states contort the voting districts in a twisted conjured up manner so the GOP dominates the governmental jurisdictions in those areas on a state and federal level, even though Republican Party supporters do not even live in those areas, and that is clearly NOT representative government as it should be.

A majority of the voters (55-60%) in the US are of the Democratic Party, yet the minority Republican/GOP Party who are well positioned to control the elections and courts for the rest of the century and longer, make up only 40-45% of the voting public. It is not supposed to be this way in a democratic republic such as the USA. That is a small “d” which stands for democracy, which per our Constitution; the USA is a government of, by and for the PEOPLE. And we are supposed to have true representative government, with those US representatives voted into office by the people who reside in the areas who those representatives are supposed to serve, and not some twisted, contorted, conjured gerrymandered district. Our country is quickly going in the direction towards a GOP autocratic controlled government, and if it is not stopped in some manner, it will be here to stay for a long time starting in January 2025. The Ugly Republicans know that if the US truly operated as an actual democracy that did not allow Confederate states to do whatever they wanted in terms of violating the Constitution and civil rights, they would have a minority influence on how our government functions, as it should be. There are 67 million more people living in the counties won by Biden in the 2020 election (198 million/60%), compared to those counties won by Trump (130 million/40%). Additionally, it was shown in the 2020 elections that the Democratic counties represent 70% of the U.S. GNP (Gross National Product). The only way the Ugly Republicans can win is by cheating the system by violating the Constitution and buying votes by taking over the news and replacing it with FAUX news consisting of misinformation/disinformation and mistruths through a massively funded propaganda machine integrated into social media and every facet of American life. The Republicans are devilishly a crafty, greedy/powerful bunch, and right now the trump cards (both literally & figuratively) are heavily stacked up against the Dems in many ways. Some will say “now don’t be negative or pessimistic”, but those kind of statements right now are totally naïve and nonsensical. First, the GOP controls the Supreme Court of the US (called SCOTUS), 6 to 3, and they have a lot to do with politics, and very little to do with justice and the US Constitution that our Founding Fathers created as our political foundation. In the last year they stripped away women’s reproductive rights by overturning Roe v Wade decision that said women have a right to choose related to abortion. The GOP glommed onto the anti-abortion issue movement on the false premise that they care a lot about life, yet unwanted pregnancies are much greater among minority impoverished groups who they would prefer starve to death or die due to lack of healthcare, clean water and food to reduce public assistance and programs for these groups, yet these GOP hypocrites are all for the government giving huge handouts and tax relief to the Big Corps & Ultra-Wealthy who heavily fund GOP candidates and the autocratic cause. People need to take the time and just think about how heavily the odds are stacked against the Common Good of Humanity and the planet right now in the US because of the GOP non democratic (small “d”) dominance that has been allowed to occur over the last couple of decades:

  1. Entertainment has literally taken over news and realty, and replaced it with fake news;
  2. Republican Party has stooped so low that they nominated and elected one of the greatest (worst) con artist of all times by the name of Donald J Trump;
  3. It seems probable that we have a President of the US (called POTUS) right now whose Number One concern is protecting his multi-decade political legacy;
  4. The GOP Confederate states are successfully employing anti-voting rights laws and election subversion tactics in their states (tampering with the slate of electors for the Electoral College), which are multiplying and becoming more effective daily;
  5. The GOP has backing of the Big Corps & Ultra-Wealthy who are pumping billions of dollars into the GOP cause across the nation on a local, state and federal level; and
  6. The GOP is continually fostering and advocating violence by their supporters, and giving them unlimited second amendment rights and access to variety of artillery, which certainly are not intended for non human animal hunting.

There is no sense sugar coating it to the American public, or pretending that we are not in a very serious and bad situation, essentially brought on by the overwhelming evil forces of greed and power. What make it even scarier, is that Trump’s Puppeteer and buddy, Putin has also glommed onto to the White Christian evangelical racist, isolationist, nationalist, superior race movement, and he surely is planning on helping the GOP and Trump in 2024 as he did in 2016 in whatever way he can so he and his Puppet Trump can get reunited in their authoritarian causes as advocated by the ADC (Authoritarian/Dictator Club), of which both of them active members and building coalitions with leaders of the new axis of evil.

So essentially, unless Biden puts the priority of preserving his long legacy aside and starts being Abe-like, the Dem party, and the USA democracy will soon be mothballed, and deemed subservient to the GOP Autocracy and a new second era of McCarthyism will emerge, as we all start seeking refuge from the new evil GOP autocratic empire who will be putting US all on a hit list. The occurrence of the latter does not seem too unrealistic, especially if the economy falters more in the next year as inflation is on a continual rise and Americans are stretching their budgets, and looking for someone to blame for their current situation, and you can be certain that person being blamed will be our current POTUS. So if the Dems lose the POTUS race in 2024, and the GOP strengthens their grip in Congress by retaining the majority in the House and taking over the majority in the Senate, it will no longer be the advent of autocracy in the US, but rather, the US GOP Autocracy will have arrived and been instituted in 2025 and will be with US for many decades to come, if not centuries.

The time we are in right now, is like pre-Civil War in the US, or like pre-WW2 in Germany or Italy. During pre-Civil War the Confederate states were freely and openly violating the Constitution in full defiance to the Union of United States. They were primarily doing so by continuing with their slavery practices and did not want the Union to interfere with this and other matters in their states, so they formed the Confederacy. Eventually the Confederates and the Union began battling each other, and the brutal Civil War began, resulting in fellow Americans (including family members, acquaintances, colleagues etc.) fighting and injuring/killing each other. The Confederates for the most part, believed in their cause and their leaders, so even with all the risks at stake, they went to battle so they could defy the Constitution as they saw fit, and they looked at the Union as northern aggressors who were forcing their way of life on them, even though the Union’s primary objective was to defend the Constitution handed down to US from our founding fathers. Realizing these are brief and simplified explanations for the wars, the situation in Germany also involved the advocacy of special privileges for a certain race or class of people over others. In the US Civil War, the Confederates viewed their slaves as not having the same rights afforded to other citizens. For Germany in the 1930s, the political leaders like Adolf Hitler advocated for the superior Aryan race (Nazism), and even worse, he and the Nazi party advocated and proceeded to annihilate millions of Jews (Holocaust) that they viewed as scapegoats for any of the social or economic problems that existed at the time. And Germany was also going to war against other nations out of a grievance (espoused by Nazis) that their nation was treated unfairly by the Treaty of Versailles (armistice treaty) that they were forced to be party to as a settlement after WW1. In Italy during the pre-WW2 era, Fascism existed as espoused by the dictator of the time, Benito Mussolini, which led to Italy partnering with Germany and Hitler, who together with the imperial regime of Japan, formed an evil axis determined to conquer and dominate all nations across the globe, including Europe, USA and other nations.

The point in mentioning all the above, is to emphasize that the US is now in a similar situation to nations like Germany and Italy in the pre-WW2 era, and more importantly, the US has individual GOP states who, like the Confederate states in pre-Civil War era, are acting contrary and in violation to the US Constitution.  Just like back then in the US in the mid-1800s (1850s before Civil War), the US democratic republic today will not be able to sustain itself structurally in accordance with its US Constitution if a high percentage of the states are not in line and in compliance with our founding principles (US Constitution). So what happened before, is happening again and people need to become WOKE to the fact our Constitutional foundation is being undermined by those publicly elected and Constitution bound state officials in the GOP controlled states who today are blatantly violating the US Constitution by passing anti-voting rights laws and practicing election subversion.  People have to wake up and recognize that if the majority of US citizens are lackadaisical and just let each day pass as before, and do not take this matter as seriously as it needs to be, we will be in another civil war before you know it. And right now the Commander in Chief for our US Armed Forces is President Joe Biden, and if we get into Civil War 2, it is very important that it not be citizens against citizens, but it needs to be the US Armed Forces against those who are against the US Constitution, as was the case in Civil War I, and it may (and should) happen again against the current violating “Confederate States”, which, as mentioned before, are those twenty or so GOP controlled states that today regularly defy the US Constitution more and more each day.

Many people were upset back in 2016 and 2017 when Trump ran and won the presidency. On the other hand, there were many who thought Trump was the “Chosen One”, and he would cure all are ills, and bring prosperity to everyone. Remember now, that Greed and Power is the central theme of the GOP, and so it wasn’t that hard to fathom that the GOP would welcome the Greatest Con Artist of all times with open arms to be their new leader. Trump saw a golden opportunity to rake in some cash before and after the election, regardless if he won or not. When he was first CONtemplating the US presidency in 2013, an associate of Trump, Daryl Dummkopf told him: “Donald, you think you had a good con going with Trump University and your many other schemes, wait until you open up campaign mass donations on social media – the money from the voting suckers will be pouring in like diamonds raining on Mar-a-Lago!”. As we all know now, that in fact happened, and is still going on even though Trump is no longer president. To no surprise, all that money that was pouring in for different Trump political causes (Elect Trump, Build the Wall, etc.) was not always used for those purposes, as was revealed about Steven Bannon who was using those funds for personal purposes (he was later pardoned by Trump), and Trump himself used campaign funds in 2016 as HUSH money related to his affairs with Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels as revealed by his former Attorney Michael Cohen who consequently served time in prison.

It was a time when many were upset with their family members, friends and colleagues/associates who voted for Trump, certainly partly with the help of Putin, Facebook and James Comey contributing to Hillary Clinton’s defeat. But it happened, and as mad as many people were, they accepted it, with the understanding that hopefully he would not be as bad as we all were expecting, but of course, he greatly surpassed our expectations, and was far worse than we could have ever imagined. Even some Dems at the time were saying “well he’s our president now, so we should give him a chance, and see how he does”. Well we have given him a chance and look what he’s done: Two Impeachments: (a) One after openly trying to bribe a foreign (Ukraine) national president with congressionally appropriated military funds that were already committed to Ukraine; and (b) then a second time impeached for openly orchestrating and planning a seditious/treasonous Attempted Coup in the form of the January 6, 2021 Insurrectionist Riot against the US Capitol to interrupt the orderly transfer of power after he clearly lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden.  And in the process of the latter, Trump has violated numerous laws by continually trying to overturn the election results before and after the Jan 6 Coup Attempt, including in Georgia and elsewhere, and has also blatantly violated numerous tax laws in the state of New York. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the US that are of the GULLIBLE and intellectually VULNERABLE class who buy into all the anti-government and deep state rhetoric espoused by Trump and his ilk. Naively and unfortunately these individuals buy into all the fake FAUX news and anti-government and “deep state” rhetoric broadcasted by Trump and his ilk. As the GQP MAGAs have been continually going down the rabbit hole in a sheep-like fashion, unfortunately the rest of us will have to suffer the long-term detrimental consequences as our democratic republic gets dismantled, which the Big Corp and the Ultra-rich very much want. The greater public needs to recognize that this goal of ultimately maximizing the fulfillment of greed and power for Trump and the Ultra-Wealthy, will be contrary to and very, very  BAD for the Common Good of Humanity and our environment in the US and world.

This now brings up the topic on how you deal with your family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. who now still support Trump and his ilk after all the bad things he has done. So if the latter are called Group A, then secondly, how do you deal with the Group B, who are people that are also closely linked to you (family, friends, etc.), but in their case, they are APPEASERS to the Group A people, and cater to them as if everything is just hunky-dory, and not a care in the world? It is a perplexing problem, but it has to be dealt with as it was (and was not) in the pre-Civil War era in the US and pre-WW2 era in Italy and Germany. Individuals have to come to the realization and ask themselves: “Are you going to be with the US Enemies Within in our nation and be a part of the New Confederates, or be appeasers to these treasonous individuals, or are you patriotically going to be for the preservation of the US Constitution and our democratic republic of these United States of America?” If you do the latter, you will essentially have to divorce yourselves from the Group A because they are no longer just family and friends etc, but they are true enemies, and the Group B Appeasers are enablers to our enemies. We are simple at a point in time, when YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE A SIDE. Another way to put it is that you need to segregate and group your compatriots in your mind, regardless as to whether they are, or were, in your close social and familial inter-circle or not, into the following three basic groups, and you just have to accept the fact that you will have to disengage yourselves from the first two groups:

(A) Individuals who choose to support Trump & his ilk, that includes DeSantass & GOP turned GQP;

(B) Individuals who serve as sycophants to those in  Group A above, by just catering and appeasing them and being cowards, rather than taking a strong stance against these individuals who are plainly “the US enemies within”; or

(C) Individuals who are true US Patriots committed to preserving and defending our US democratic republic and Constitution, and are perceptive enough to recognize and call out the “US enemies within”.

Those in “A” are either just plain ignorant about USA & World history and past devastating past wars [which often repeat] and refuse to be informed by facts, or they have strong (or weak/selfish) connections to the Big Corps & Ultra-Wealthy and are just fine and going along for the ride with the latter who are leading US into another destructive Civil War or World War. It is not a time for “status quo” relationships with those in either “A” or “B” groups above. Just saying this is “politics as usual” and just another typical “political cycle we are going through” and that’s all it is, is an oversimplification and dead wrong!

As you continue to attend parties, class reunions and social gatherings at the homes, cottages or other venues of the “A” group, where they fly their Trump/GOP flags as they are “buying your friendship/participation” in their DJT/GQP cause in subtle ways, you are graciously accepting their gifts (food, drinks etc) of persuasion and allowing them to con you in a “Trumpian/con-artist” fashion. When you depart from these gatherings, take a minute and pat yourself on the back for assisting these “US enemies within” in their goal of having a GOP dominated US authoritarian Autocracy starting in January 2025 after Trump or DeSantass or someone of their Ugly GOP ilk is elected in 2024; or better yet, start having a SPINE, and quit catering to these internal ENEMIES.

For those in ‘”A” or “B”, your offspring themselves and many generations to follow will have to suffer the consequences for multiple decades because of your selfish and cowardice actions and inactions at this critical time in USA & World history, and it is something that will stay with you until your last living/dying breath. Something else those Groups “A” and “B” individual will have to think about on their death bed, is how they SPIT on their father’s and grandfather’s graves who fought in WW1 or WW2 to preserve democracy and freedom, as you went along day to day supporting the Ugly Republicans who were allowed to turn our nation into an autocracy. And these individuals will have many days to ponder in their later years how they gave their allegiance to the GOP who are continually getting UGLIER, all blasphemously in name of Christ (like Putin). So maybe you can receive Communion because you were against abortion and women having the right to choose on that decision, and you listened to your parish priests telling you to hold firm on your position on abortion, and not to get distracted by all the PEDOFILE offenses that have occurred unchecked over the centuries by the priesthood under different papacies.

By ignorantly pledging your allegiance to this UGLY and EVIL GOP, or by catering and being an appeaser to these individuals who worship at the ALTAR of GREED and POWER, you will be helping them achieve their goals of: (a) gutting the Constitution; (b) deconstructing government so it will serve public less, and serve capitalists more; (c) reversing civil rights for women, disabled, and others; and (d) continually defying and canceling the Constitution like our Confederate enemies of the past.


Hapless Knahtsgnivig!


Merry Xmas



Less Gloom Falling, By Giacomo B Fischiatore, 11/24/2022, Thanksgiving Day

The fall is now, passing quite soon ,

And with it, there will be less gloom,

Soon then will come, the bright snowflakes,

From it a white snowman she makes,

Soon she may fly south once again,

To warmth and comfort of a friend.

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